Eastasiasoft Limited

0 Degrees Review

Is this puzzle platformer cool as ice?

5.3 Average

Squad Killer Review

Squad Killer is a cross between Platformer and Run and Gun. Will this title kill Daniel or will it run away with a perfect review?

4 Poor

The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Review

Can the puzzles prop up this interesting looking title?

8.3 Great

Pity Pit Review

Does this retro arcade-style title have enough to keep you plugging in (virtual) credits?

5.1 Average

Project Starship Review

Can this retro styled top down shooter stand shoulder to shoulder with the genre greats?

4 Poor

Iro Hero Review

More retro-styled from Digerati - not that we're complaining. Can Iro Hero capture the essence of classic Shmups and bring it to a new audience?

5.8 Average

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