Star Wars: Squadron Review

Taking on one of the coolest parts of the Star Wars universe - flying those awesome ships - can Motive's latest soar high?

7.5 Good

Mafia: Definitive Edition Review

The Remake train continues to roll; can this up-spuff bring Mafia back into the spotlight?

8.1 Great

Bartlow’s Dread Machine Review

Can you rescue the president before you go off the rails?

7.1 Good

Rogue Cube Review

Will you battle your way to the end or just go rogue?

4.1 Poor

Warface: Breakout Season 1 Impressions

How does the season premiere of this online shooter fare?

Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire Review

Will this bullet hell shooter provide some substance under the light hearted surface?

7.6 Good

Crossfire X Beta Preview

Will this beta stoke the excitement for this upcoming shooter?

Warface: Breakout Review

Can this premium spin off from the Free-To-Play Warface justify it's entry price?

7.3 Good

Project Warlock Review

Another retro shooter, this time styled after the likes of DOOM and Wolfenstein - can it capture the essence well enough?

9 Excellent

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