Aftercharge Review

Aftercharge sports a very interesting concept that proves to be exciting. The question is, will this stand the tests of time? Let's find out.

6.5 Okay

Void Vikings Review

The top-down shooter scene is not what we would consider to be a genre in need of more games. Though, Void Vikings seems to think otherwise. Is it any good?

3.5 Lousy

Hellfront: Honeymoon Review

Hellfront: Honeymoon offers up short bursts of action-strategy fun, fun that's fit for the whole family. But, does the game hold up overall?

6.8 Okay

Just Cause 4 Review

Just Cause 4 is here at last, and it promises to build upon the mechanics that have pushed the series forward for years now. Does it deliver on that promise?

7.5 Good

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story Review

A good shmup knows how to strike a fine balance between overpowering the player, and relaying fun. Does this strike that blend?

5.5 Average

Rival Megagun Review

Rival Megagun is a shoot 'em up with a competitive PVP twist. Does this wild spin on the classic formula prove worthwhile?

6 Okay

NeuroBloxs Review

Sitting somewhere between the likes of Tetris and Space Invaders, can NeuroBloxs stand out in a somewhat crowded genre?

6.3 Okay

Hitman 2 Review

Follically-challenged Agent 47 returns in the sequel to 2016's episodic reboot. Does our favorite assassin come back with a deadly bang?

8.5 Great

Shadow of Loot Box Review

Shadow of Loot Box is a game that aims to make fun of the state of the gaming industry in its current form. Does it make for a decent experience?

2.8 Awful
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