The Anacrusis Early Access Review

Does this Early Access period for a new co-op shooter have its work cut out, or is it basically ready for prime time?

Asteroids Recharged Review

A classic reborn with new shiny visuals, but is there enough here to tempt new players?

6.8 Okay

Serious Sam 4 Review

The over the top shooter surprise dropped into Game Pass just before the holidays, but was it a case of an early gift or a lump of coal?

5.8 Average

Halo Infinite Review

The wait has been long, the anticipation high, and the concerns legitimate; but have 343 done the Chief justice this time round?

9.3 Excellent

Bouncy Bullets 2 Review

More short and sweet action from Ratalaika.

4.8 Poor

The Riftbreaker Review

A slick combination of genres, Riftbreaker is a well put together game. For those that love a grind this game does a good job of obfuscating it. And it looks real pretty.

7.3 Good

Alan Wake Remastered Review

The cult classic is back, this time in shiny up-spuff-o-vision! Has it stood the test of time?

9.6 Excellent

Hell Let Loose – The First 6 Hours Impressions

Team17's WWII shooter enters the fray, and our man AJ gives us his first impressions here; has it done enough to win him over?

Far Cry 6 Review

The explosive open world adventure is back, with more things to see and do than before - can it still captivate players?

9 Excellent

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