Hovership Havoc Review

More Roguelike action, this time a twin stick shooter with 3rd person boss fights. Will this title get the pulse racing?

6 Okay

Rush Rover Review

A top down 2D shooter with bullet hell and roguelike elements, how does Ratalaika's latest fare?

6 Okay

Super Destronaut: Land Wars Review

Styled like Space Invaders but in First Person, does this title have what it takes to stand alongside the classics?

6.8 Okay

Call of Duty: Warzone Review

COD steps into the free to play battle royale with Warzone. How does it stack up in an increasingly crowded market?

8.3 Great

Doom Eternal Review

After a stunning reboot back on 2016, all eyes are on this sequel to live up to the hype - has it managed it?

9.3 Excellent

Project Starship Review

Can this retro styled top down shooter stand shoulder to shoulder with the genre greats?

4 Poor

Outbreak: Epidemic Review

Another entry in the Outbreak series, will its hardcore, single-life gameplay have you coming back for more?

4.8 Poor

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review

A supernatural spin on the Sniper Elite series sees our old favourites - Zombies - vying for our attention (and brains).

8.7 Great

Demon Pit Review

Stripping back more some of the modern luxuries of today's shooters Demon Pit harks back to a simpler time. But, will that still cut it?

8 Great

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