Rage 2 Review

Rage 2 aims to bring guns, action, and carnage. It's the sequel that no one asked for, but will it be one that many people appreciate?

8 Great

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

When it comes to sniper-specific games, Sniper Elite takes top spot. Now, Sniper Elite V2 is coming back remastered, but is it worth a second trip?

9 Excellent

Super Space Serpent SE Review

Twin-stick shooters are hardly few and far between as of late, but Super Space Serpent SE aims to go back to basics with its old-school approach. Does it fare well?

6 Okay

Purple Chicken Spaceman Review

The bizarrely titled Purple Chicken Spaceman is upon us, offering another 2D space shooter for genre fans to take to. Is it worthwhile?

5 Average

World War Z Review

World War Z is now finally upon us, but after months of boasting, has Saber Interactive's take on the popular franchise proven to be a success?

7.5 Good

God’s Trigger Review

One More Level takes to the top-down shooter scene with their newly released God's Trigger. It's stylish, it's deep, and it's gory. But, does it hold up elsewhere?

9 Excellent

Flutter Bombs Review

Flutter Bombs offers a new top-down twin-stick shooting experience, but does it manage to stand as tall as its many, many peers?

6.5 Okay

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Review

Borderlands is back via Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, bringing enhancements and improvements galore. Is this much loved classic worth it?

8 Great

Generation Zero Review

Avalanche Studios have finally dropped their highly anticipated Generation Zero, but is this another open world shooter that's worth your attention?

5 Average
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