Jisei: The First Case HD Review

Sakevisual and Ratalaika Games come together to bring gamers and visual novel fans alike a enjoyable murder mystery experience. You’re suspect number one after stumbling upon a dead body in a small coffee shop, and it’s up to you to play detective to clear your name and find out the true killer.

The story, as I mentioned, begins with our protagonist who remains unknown stumbling upon a woman’s dead body in the ladies restroom with a knife stuck in her chest. It is made known to us that our protagonist has supernatural powers of the sort. If he touches a person’s dead body he can see how they died from their point of view. You’re found standing over her body touching her and now it’s up to you to clear your name.

The whole game revolves around the coffee shop, so the setting only spans through 4 separate rooms; The main cafe, the men and women’s bathrooms, and the hallway to the bathroom, and that’s it. That’s pretty disappointing. 

Where Jisei shines the brightest are its characters and graphic arts, elements I find to be important in visual novels. Those, and a good story, but I’ll touch up on that later. The four characters you will constantly interact with are a barista named Chance, a shy college student named Kizaki, Miss Bergstrom, a HR for a firm and Detective Gurski, the officer who gave you the chance to prove your innocence. The art style of the characters and scenery remind me of a Japanese manga and the characters themselves help play into that. Big props to SakeVisuals. I can’t help admit it but I’m a sucker for manga styled visual novels. What caught me off guard was the characters were animated and also voice acted. Correct me if I’m wrong but to have animated characters and voice actors in a visual novel game is pretty rare. In the options menu it is possible to mute all or certain characters, though unless you wanted the traditional visual novel play through I couldn’t see why anyone would mute the characters as the voice actors did a great job. 

While the game looked appealing, its story was somewhat confusing and filled with some plot holes. It is never explained how the protagonist actually received his powers, and you only use your powers once in the game – after that they’re never used again. Honestly it could’ve been fine just leaving as a murder mystery without the addition of powers. The ending of the game leaves even more holes that I hope would be explained in the sequel but right now is just so confusing and it leaves me lost. 

Gameplay wise it’s pretty simple. You interact with characters, the setting, and items around you. The only addition that would have proved helpful is a log of sorts to record your findings. It is an investigation after all. It would help to have the important information you find recorded somewhere.


Jisei is a visual novel game with a rather unusual twist to it; a needless twist at that. Differing from the traditional visual novels, it’s much more interactive and less story based which might explain why there are plot holes and unanswered questions littered throughout it. Visually though it’s great, and fantastic from the voice acting to character design. It’s not a bad game and personally enjoyed myself playing it, it’s just confusing at points. For most I believe it’s going to be a hit or miss game.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by the publisher.
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  • Amazing Character Design
  • Great Voice acting
  • Plot Holes In the Story
  • Unnecessary twist
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8
Longevity - 4
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