Jet Set Knights Review

Jet Set Knights is developed by FobTi Interactive and published by Ratalaika Games. It is a short and sweet 8-bit experience with a great soundtrack that I personally enjoyed. You play as one of four Knights, your job being to protect the princess from the monsters trying to get her. Should they succeed it’ll be game over.

Each Knight has a different special attack to help you conquer the levels until you reach and face off against the end of level boss. Some of these can be really tough but the simple controls help here, letting you get to grips with things quickly. You may also need the patience of a saint at times as well though. It’s also great fun to play in couch co-op; my girlfriend pitched in and helped me out on a few stages that I was struggling with.

There is also a Tower Defence element to Jet Set Knights, though it’s pretty simple. Using wood pr metal you can build walls to protect the princess or build a tower to slowdown or kill the onslaught of enemies. There are also power ups to collect around the levels which can be key to a victory.


With a great combination of retro graphics and sound Jet Set Knights makes for a fantastic reminder of the good old days. The gameplay is solid and very fun to play either solo or co-op. There are elements that could do with a little polish but that’s more of a nit pick than anything. I had tonnes of fun with Jet Set Knights and look forward to the developers next title!

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  • Great 8bit soundtrack that reminded me much of the old classics.
  • Lots of fun solo and coop
  • Visuals are great
  • The controls even though simple can be your undoing
  • No story but does it need it?
  • Game can crash at times losing your progress on the level your playing
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9
Longevity - 6
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