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Indivisible is a crowdfunding success story developed by Lab Zero and published by 505 games. It is a side-scrolling platform RPG, with fun and upbeat background music and beautiful hand-drawn art that makes the characters seem so vivid. This game is a fresh new take on the RPG genre with its ideas on the usual combat system. The storyline is a tad cliché, with you playing as the protagonist called Ajna who has an unknown background, having been brought up by a wise protector who only wants to keep you safe – but is clearly hiding a secret. Predictably, your village is attacked, and your father figure is cut down so Ajna sets out to avenge his death.

Thankfully,this is where the story gets a lot more interesting. As you fight the foe who defeated your father you suddenly absorb the enemy. That is not to say you have killed them, but you have sent them to an inner realm which Ajna considers as just in her head. Her newly absorbed enemy can talk with Ajna from within which is much to her disgust, but it does make for some amusing light-hearted humour. Not only does she hear the newly absorbed killer of her father in her head but when she enters a battle, she is able to summon them to help her fight.

This brings us to the combat style, which in my mind combines Final Fantasy 8 and the Mario and Luigi RPG’s. For those not familiar with those games, the combat style is sort of turn-based but is real-time as well. By that I mean each of your team members has a gauge which is linked to a button on the controller. As the gauge fills the button becomes available to use for that character and you can press the button to attack at any time. However, the enemy always seems to attack in a certain pattern of time, so it seems turn-based, but it isn’t. Also, when it’s the enemies turn to attack you have the chance to block it. You can hold the left bumper to block with everyone which reduces damage, but it also drains your special attack meter. Or you can block the attack of your specific team member that is being targeted by pressing the button that is assigned to them. This is where timing is key, as if you just hold the button to block with the character too early you will drain the special meter also, although slower. But if you block just before the attack not only do you reduce the damage dealt but you will also receive a gain to your special meter.

There are further elements to the combat as each character has 3 moves. You hold up or down whilst pressing their assigned button or just pressing it without holding a direction. The moves differ per character and can include things like healing, charging up your attack levels for the next attack or putting a hex on an enemy which slows their attack speed. As I mentioned before there is also a special meter called the Iddhi meter which fills up as you attack enemies and perform successfully timed blocks. When fully charged the special move can be used by any of your party of characters in battle. The special moves are character dependent and can either be a powerful attack on the enemy or something akin to healing the whole team.

The game and combat are kept interesting as there are many different characters along the way that you will absorb and so you can mix up your party for different tactics. Each character also seems to come with a quirky personality and there is a lot of comedic dialogue between them as they all sit within your head. In typical RPG fashion you earn experience for winning a battle and level up your character to make them stronger. You will also pick up certain gems called ringsels which you can use to purchase certain attack or defence upgrades. Also, to make sure they all remain useful all the other character levels are related to the main character, so anyone you don’t use for a while won’t be underpowered should you include them in your team later on.

Other than the RPG and combat elements, we also have platforming element. You get to run, dash, jump and slide through the terrain to start off with to get to other parts of the level. Then, as you progress, you will gain some extra equipment to add more variety to the platforming. From plunging your axe into a wall to gain some extra height or a bow and arrow to hit targets which make blocks appear so you can get to the next area. Also, there are certain enemies that can track you and shoot you from a distance which you will need to try and use your skill to avoid.

This game doesn’t just allow you to save anywhere, so you must get to a checkpoint to save your game. Luckily these save points are very frequent, so it shouldn’t be a long time before you hit the next one. Also, there does seem to be certain other autosave checkpoints as if you do fail the platforming section a lot or fall in battle you are not always sent back to the last save point. Sometimes you literally only go a few screens back, so it doesn’t deflate you too much to retry the same part again. I would advise getting to grips with the blocking though as timing your block could be key to winning the battle.


Indivisible is a breath of fresh air in the RPG genre and is a good combination of both Platforming and RPG. The combat idea is fresh, and you will get the desire to try and master it or at least enjoy the various party combinations to enjoy different experiences. The storyline, although starting of as quite basic, does grow to become a lot more interesting. This is a great addition for any who enjoy a light-hearted RPG with decent amount of challenge.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.
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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting combat system
  • A good mixture of platform and RPG
  • Some of the platforming isn't great
  • Sometimes battles can drag on a little
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Longevity - 8
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