Sable Review

A coming of age journey across a sandy, desolate planet that's visually breathtaking. You have the freedom to explore on your own, but this can get monotonous very fast despite the stunning setting; l...

7.3 Good

Dojoran Review

Dojoran is a tough precision platformer with an appealing 1-bit art style and an old-school chiptune soundtrack. The levels get progressively harder, but achievement hunters can unlock all the achieve...

6.4 Okay

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Review

Long locked to the Wii, this well regarded Sonic title finally makes it to more platforms, and in shiny up-spuff mode too!

8.7 Great

Barry The Bunny Review

Hop on in to see what we have in store fur you. Corey takes a look at Barry the Bunny.

5 Average

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials Review

A caveperson trying to escape a deep cave with the help of a radiant bat is the game here. Check out Corey's review!

7.6 Good

Blue Fire Review

A low-poly action-adventure platformer that's heavy on the platforming, but an expanding moveset makes the game more enjoyable as you go. Inspired by some of the most acclaimed games ever made, but bl...

8 Great

Flatland Vol.2 Review

Looking some challenging platforming wrapped up in lovely visuals and audio? Don't miss this game!

8.6 Great

Out of Line Review

A wonderful platforming experience that comes highly recommended.

9.1 Excellent

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Review

Retro remakes are dime a dozen lately, but can this tough old school platformer hang with todays crowd?

6.8 Okay

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