Furwind Review

Furwind comes to Xbox One following release on other platformers, but, is this one platformer that's worthy of your time?

8 Great

Double Cross Review

Double Cross comes to Xbox One at last, bringing with it a smart combination of platforming and detective-based elements. Does it all work well?

8.5 Great

Timespinner Review

Timespinner joins the many Metroidvanias that are hitting the Xbox One this gen, but, does it manage to stand as tall as the greatest?

7.5 Good

Neon Junctions Review

Neon Junctions aims to merge puzzling and platforming together to produce a worthwhile experience. Question is, does it achieve that result?

3.5 Lousy

Ascendance – First Horizon Review

When it comes to simplistic platforming fun, Refunct is a stellar example. Ascendance - First Horizon follows this concept, but is it as good?

3.5 Lousy

Brief Battles Review

The local multiplayer party scene seems to be rapidly dying out, but Brief Battles aims to change that. Will this prove to be a hit? Or, a miss?

7.5 Good

Giga Wrecker Alt. Review

Giga Wrecker Alt. comes over from the PC and arrives on console with some new tricks up its sleeves, but, is this rehash worth a trip?

6.5 Okay

Metagal Review

Mega Man-like games are hardly new, in fact, we've seen quite a few this gen alone. Does the newly released Metagal sit as high as its inspiration?

5.5 Average

Miles & Kilo Review

Tough as nails platformers can be addictive as hell if developed with a fine balance. Does Miles & Kilo manage to achieve that balance?

6.5 Okay
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