Savage Halloween Review

Savage Halloween is a spooky 8-bit retro shoot em up that's more of a treat than a trick.

8.5 Great

One Escape Review

Help convicts break free in this 2D jail-break adventure.

6 Okay

Balan Wonderworld Review

Xbox Tavern takes a look at Balan Wonderworld. Is it worth your time and money? Check our review to find out!

5 Average

Lost Words: Beyond the Page Review

An emotional journey about love and heartbreak told between two different worlds.

7.8 Good

Squad Killer Review

Squad Killer is a cross between Platformer and Run and Gun. Will this title kill Daniel or will it run away with a perfect review?

4 Poor

Dreaming Sarah Review

Dreaming sarah  is a short but sweet platforming adventure game that will scratch the nostalgia itch of the days of old but also keep your brain working overtime.

7.1 Good

Explosionade DX Review

Are you ready for explosions? Well make sure it doesn't all blow up in your face.

5.1 Average

Kaze and the Wild Masks Review

Can a 90's inspired platformer live up to modern expectations? Check out our Kaze and the Wild Masks Review

8.8 Great

Pinkman+ Review

Can this Series X/S Optimized game with Smart Delivery, deliver the goods?

7 Good

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