Fuser Review

Does Harmonix latest musical outing feel the rhythm or is it out of time with the industry?

8.3 Great

Music Racer Review

With a unique looking take on the rhythm genre, Music Racer certainly stands out. Can it's gameplay keep you coming back for more though?

4.3 Poor

AVICII Invector Review

While the music game fad might not be as huge as it once was, there's certainly room enough for more entries. Can this collection of the late AVICII's work do the genre -and his memory - justice?

8.5 Great

Kine Review

The debut game from lone developer Gwen Frey, can Kine keep up the tempo or does it miss the beat?

7.3 Good

Super Dodgeball Beats Review

With such a unique concept (Musical Dodgeball!?!), how does it all come together?

7.8 Good

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