Author: Jake Plant

I started my gaming odyssey playing 8-bit console and arcade games. My first Xbox was the 360 and I immediately fell in love with achievement hunting and the overall ecosystem. That love was cemented with my purchase of an Xbox One. I play a bit of everything, but I usually end up playing fast paced games that remind me of my days spent in dark, smoky arcades spending quarter after quarter, telling myself "one more try!". Gamertag: Morbid237.

8.8 Great

Lords of the Fallen Review

8.6 Great

Blasphemous 2 Review

8.9 Great

Lego 2K Drive Review

9.5 Excellent

Inscryption Review

9.5 Excellent

Not For Broadcast Review

8.1 Great

Fashion Police Squad Review

7.9 Good

Heidelberg 1693 Review

5.2 Average

Tanuki Sunset Review

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