Author: AJ Small

AJ Small is a games industry veteran, starting in QA back in 2004. He currently walks the earth in search of the tastiest/seediest drinking holes as part of his attempt to tell every single person on the planet that Speedball 2 and The Chaos Engine are the greatest games ever made. He can be found on twitter (@badgercommander), where he welcomes screenshots of Dreamcast games and talk about Mindjack, just don’t mention that one time he was in Canada.

7 Good

Alina of the Arena Review

6.9 Okay

Haunted House Review

4.5 Poor

Hellboy Web of Wyrd Review

7.6 Good

El Paso Elsewhere Review

9 Excellent

Cocoon Review

7.5 Good

Trepang2 Review

7.7 Good

Quantum: Recharged Review

7 Good

Days of Doom Review

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