Fight’N Rage Review

This title sums up the game perfectly from the off – you will fight and you will rage playing this game, but in a good way. Fight’N Rage is an old-school side-scroller beat ’em up developed and published by Sebagamedev.

To begin with you can pick from one of three characters; Gal, Ricardo or F Norris, all with unique move sets and styles. Beneath the surface is a game that lets you pull off some great combos that can be extended via different means. I’m still finding out the extent of how far you can take a combo. Stun locking, air juggles, connecting with special moves and more. A lot of work went into this sweet and fulfilling combo system.

The game has several different endings depending on which route you take. For instance, straight away you are offered an option to either escape or fight, meaning you are controlling the course of the game.  With multiple endings the replay value is high and it increases the longevity of the game.

The game has a steep learning curve, and even on normal it can be difficult at the start. The game is meant to be played with three players. It seems to assume that you are regardless of whether you are playing solo or multiplayer, the same number of enemies are on screen – so if you can find a couple of couch co-op buddies to play with your game experience will be a lot less frustrating. However, complete the game once and you can buy a CPU co-op buddy to make it easier for you. I found that even though it was a CPU controlling the character, they weren’t as useless as we have come to expect from similar games and actually pulled off sweet combos. Not only that, but you get new costumes and even regular enemy characters to play with to add to your experience.

You get three lives to start with and an infinite number of continues. Using a continue puts you back at the last checkpoint you were at, of which there are roughly three per level. When you get “game over” your points get converted into coins you can use to unlock game modes/outfits etc. For example, you can unlock an easy mode if you want to just breeze through the game without the challenge.

At times I found myself getting frustrated very quickly, being overwhelmed by enemies who seem at times to move quicker than you. I found myself getting hit far too easily – there’s no block button, you just have to hope you can jump out of the way. Using a special move can help you get out of sticky situations, and whilst you can use it whenever you want, if you haven’t got any energy it will use up your health instead. To recover health you have to pick up the classic chicken or apple you may come across whilst going through levels.

Bosses can be even more frustrating as they can dish out big attacks unexpectedly and will take a big chunk of your health with you being unable to counter. However, once you start learning a few combos and how to dodge enemy attacks and patterns, you find yourself keeping on playing and getting the knack of it. You can, however, button mash to a certain degree if you don’t want to learn all the moves and still be relatively successful.

It’s a shame there is no online co-op, because it would be nice to play through with online friends. The music has some excellent tracks and every level the music fits where you are. They seem to have put a lot of time and effort to get it spot on.

The graphics and narrative style bring back a complete 90s feel – angry men, ugly mutants, ninjas, girls in skimpy clothes! All proper retro feels. We even have the classic big, evil bad guy who is insanely strong. Colourful graphics are great looking, with smooth animations and fantastic pacing. Each playthrough will probably take just over an hour with roughly 8 stages to go through. Some of the playthrough does revisit some stages, but with multiple branches and endings this has to be forgiven.


As a fan of old-school beat ‘em ups like Streets of Rage, I have to say that anyone who enjoyed those games in any capacity will enjoy this game. I was initially turned off by the steep learning curve when I was dying far to easy, but the more I gave it a shot and the more I played, the more I wanted to unlock different characters and endings and give it a go.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.
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  • Fast and instense gameplay
  • Multiple Endings
  • Great soundtrack
  • Local co-op
  • Lots of unlockables
  • Can be hard if you are playing solo
  • Steep learning curve if you don’t put in the time
  • No online play
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Audio - 8.5
Longevity - 8
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