Moving Out – Movers in Paradise Review

The original Moving Out was fantastic and so much fun to play with friends and family. It was meant for co-op, and if you played alone you wouldn’t get the full feel for it. The DLC is exactly the same, and it expands on the original game’s world by sending you to a remote island named Packmore.

As employees of F.A.R.T (Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technicians) you will need to work together to move a variety of different furniture and items to your van. Same principle as before.

With 24 beautiful tropical levels (13 storyline levels and 10 Arcade levels) along with 4 new movers characters to pick from you will have more customisation this time around. I definitely liked the new looks of them.

Like the original Moving Out, each level is meant to be played more than once as they still have 3 objectives per level that don’t become available until you have completed it. Examples includes not knocking over any sandcastles, or don’t fall in the water.

Gather enough objective coins and you’ll unlock another ten levels to play in the Packmore Island arcade. These new stages offer a significant challenge to those who are looking for more things to do.

The DLC is fun from start to finish. It brings in brand new ideas into the story and all the new mechanics make all the levels I played fun. You get a sense that each level can be completed in multiple different ways with new unique puzzles brought into the equation. I can’t think of one level I was disappointed with.

I feel that in every level SMG Studios tried for something different, from luring goats to smash walls so you have an easy time to get things to your van, or having to move a block so the water lowers but slowly moves back over time, forcing you to be quick.

Humour is still a big part of the DLC and the characters within the story always crack light hearted jokes after each level and during the story.
You also have a new mode called Moving In where you have to moves items from your van back into the house at set locations in the house. It a fun add-on mode to expand the game further but I did enjoy the Moving Out mode much more. Unfortunately there is still no online play so you have to stick with your couch co-op for now.


Movers In Paradise is a fantastic DLC and playing it with my wife was great fun and laughs (and mini arguments) all round. With Moving Out still being on Game Pass you only need to pick up the DLC and you won’t be disappointed if you enjoyed the original. Even if you haven’t played the original I still recommend picking this up as I actually think I enjoyed it more than the original.

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  • Still fantastic co-op gameplay
  • 13 amazing storyline levels
  • Good length for a DLC
  • Still no online play
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 9
Longevity - 7
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