Battlefield 2042 Review

Battlefield 2042 was announced and the waves of excitement and worry filled my body. Battlefield V was so poor in my opinion it put me off playing the series. The disappointment was huge after having such a great time with many of the previous titles. So understandably heading into Battlefield 2042 I was very much apprehensive; Could this be the FPS game I wanted to play this Christmas and beyond?

As the trailers and dev videos picked up the pace and came out, I was very happy to see Battlefield move away from the World War settings and put this year’s series in the near future, bringing back modern guns, gadgets and a few “new age” accessories.

Playing in these large scale battles with up to 128 players can be very overwhelming at times. I have personally found myself spawning into the battlefield (see what I did there) and dying very quickly multiple times. During my game sessions, I have incurred a few bugs which have spoiled some of my time with this game. My game has crashed a few times, kicking me out of my game. Not having the ability to reload my game and carry on with my team seems like a miss-step from Dice and EA. You have this feature in Apex Legends, please bring it to all team-based multiplayer games.

In almost every match I saw a bug that showed a teammate at an objective point that I should be able to spawn on but their “arrow” didn’t move at all and I couldn’t spawn on them. It’s a little frustrating when you want to jump back into the fight and help your team win the objective.

The addition of the Plus system took me by surprise. At first I was disappointed I could mod my gun the way I wanted it. But as I progressed through my play time I found the Plus system to be awesome. You can have your gun ready for close combat with a red dot site and all other manner of accessories, and at the same time you can have a more medium range attachment that is available at the press of a button. What does this mean to you the player? You don’t have to die to get your “new” loadout as you can change it on the fly in the heat of combat.

One aspect of the battles I liked is how now you’ve got three capture points within one sector. Capturing all three enables you to to keep hold of the sector, so you have to then think is it worth attempting to capture the sector with three points where the battle might be heaviest, or could it be better if I go capture a single sector so I can drain the tickets quicker and win by wiping out the enemies life count. This aspect has always been key to Battlefield of course, but this slight tweak brings all sorts of new tactics and considerations to bear.


Apart from a few niggling bugs my overall experience of Battlefield 2042 was great. I had a blast sharpening my skills and learning the new mechanics of the game, like the addition of changing the capture points to sectors sometimes battling for 3 objectives in point A, bringing more tactics into your play. With a 10 hour trial thanks to Game Pass/EA Play subscriptions, I would highly recommend at the very least checking the game out this way – I think you’ll enjoy it!

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox S|X review code, using an Xbox S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Graphics are really good
  • Guns feel good when firing
  • There are multiple Battlefield moments in a match
  • New weather hazards change the way you play
  • Foot steps could be tweaked
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 9
Audio - 7
Longevity - 8
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  1. Looks like Mr Eustace is a shill. Are you or your company getting paid by EA in any way? No way you think this game is 8/10 unless you have the syndrome and even then you should be able to tell how horrible it is

    • Unfortunately we don’t get paid to do these reviews. I have spoke/written about my experience with the game and they have been mostly positive.
      I do mention in the review about some of the issues people have experience online, but I can’t rate a game from other peoples issues.

      Thanks for your feedback, and have a wonderful day


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