Delta Squad Review

I’ve been reviewing games for a while now, and playing them for much longer. I appreciate the effort that goes into all of them (yes, even this one ) and I certainly wouldn’t know where to start. However, I’m not overly sure that Eskema Games know much better than I; they’ve taken a well established genre known for fast, over the top action and fun and somehow made it extremely boring and tedious.

Delta Squad sees you taking control of one of 4 soldiers in a bid to stop the evil General Rumanovsky from trying to take over the world. Oh, and stop the zombie infestation of course. The plot is kept light, thankfully, and after a short scene you’re free to choose one of the five levels on offer in any order. While I appreciate them not locking of new levels behind progression, I suspect it may also be to do with the fact that not many players will be bothered to clear one to begin with.

The 4 soldiers on offer all have different stats, weapons and specials, but in play the difference is barely noticeable outside of the frequency of coloured bullets flying out from them. They all plod around the large maps at a snails pace, the dodge roll is laughably rubbish and all of their weapons may as well be replaced with pea shooters for all the damage they do to anything other than the zombies.

You’re guided to the seemingly never ending objectives by a small white arrow; arriving at one sees a briefcase drop from the sky to deliver the details. Annoyingly, not only do you have to slowly make you’re way to get the mission, the majority of the time you’ll then need to slowly move onwards still to get to the actual objective – destroying radio towers, saving allies or hunting bombs to diffuse. I’m not sure if it’s the size of the map, the slow pace or the fact that you soon realise that you’re just going in circles, but it only took a couple of missions before I found my mind wandering off.

Enemies somehow seem to move even slower than you, the only real danger coming from turrets off screen who’s bullets will wipe you health out very quickly. Even then, it’s possible to stand at just the right distance to hit them with out retaliation, eliminating all challenge entirely – well, except the hidden ‘don’t fall asleep from boredom’ one that is cleverly implemented as some sort of ARG….

Should you manage to clear the long list of dull objectives, you’ll enter a boss fight which is brilliantly weighted to give you a real chall… wait. My mistake. It’s actually just going to kill you in one hit, knocking off one of your 3 lives. Once all 3 are gone, you get the absolute joy and privilege of starting again! To be fair, once you reach the boss section you at least start from the opening of that section – though even then that isn’t without it’s ‘charm’. Getting back to the boss room, I found that the game had bugged out, the boss failing to spawn in. I was stuck in the room with no means to restart from checkpoint and no way of killing myself. A full level restart was needed, at which point I simply had had enough.


I try to see the good in all things, but Delta Squad puts that ethos to the test. It is at least 4 player co-op, so you can share the tedium with others and even poorly done, a top down shooter still has trace elements of fun – though ‘trace’ here is being extremely generous.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by the publisher.
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  • Core gameplay concept will always have some appeal
  • Uhhh.... it's a least quite colorful
  • Slow, dull gameplay
  • Tedious missions
  • No real balanced challenge
Gameplay - 1.5
Graphics - 3
Audio - 2
Longevity - 1
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