Carrion Review

The new blood soaked 16-bit sensation is here. Carrion from the good people at Devolver is a reverse horror game for the fans, and within it’s own right should be praised for it’s unique style and grotesque features. Like something growing from the movie The Thing, you take the part of a mutinous blob spraying it’s blood tentacles in whichever direction you see fit and with that, churn up and spit out any person or thing in your way.

“Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to spread fear and panic throughout the facility. Grow and evolve as you tear down this prison and acquire more and more devastating abilities on the path to retribution.”

OK, so let’s break it down. You start your life as a scientific project. Once you break free from your case you have the ability to move throughout the 2-D based levels with ease,. It really is impressive to look at. You control the centre of the blob and move flawlessly around obstacles and traps, electric beams and even the gunned up military. This may seem daunting at first but after learning how to ferociously take on these foes you realise its just a matter of timing.

As you progress through the stages you come across a variety of containers that when interacted with grants certain powers or abilities. These can range from shooting a projectile tentacle thingy, to splitting yourself into a heap of worms to fit through smaller gaps. Essentially the point of the game is to locate these dwellings or hideaways where you inhabit the hole and it seems to unlock further parts of the level or even open doors to move to other parts of the level also. Briefly may I mention, you do play as a human but this is a small part and is lacking compared to playing as the beast, mainly walking and using an analyser to chase down the monster which you play as.

It may be basic in premise, but I’d really like to point out how well Carrion is made. To the naked eye this title may seem like a standard old school throwback but upon closer investigation this game is so much more. The time and work gone into making a pixelated game look so smooth and play just as well takes talent, praise to the team for just this. The seamless movement feels natural and really makes for a fun experience overall. Filled with blood curdling screams and giblets flying everywhere there’s a certain element of finesse while playing that brings a true smile to the face. If this is the future for pixels, bring it on.


Carrion is one of the best pixel made horrors I’ve ever seen and deserves praise from horror and gaming fans alike. With impressive controls and visuals for a game of this nature, this title is a must for any horror or gaming fan with a thirst for blood and anyone who loved the movie “The Thing”.

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  • Smooth gameplay
  • Great use of pixels
  • Gratifyingly fun
  • Repetitive aspect
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 7
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 6
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