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Blightbound Review

  Ronimo Games have designed a challenging romp, but it might not have been built fully to spec.

6.6 Okay

Death’s Door Review

Death's Door is a magical experience that shines in most aspects. Fans of Action-Exploration and Metroidvanias should check this out as soon as possible. The art design and world building are top notc...

9.5 Excellent

Olija Review

After a promising preview, can the final verdict live up to the hype?

9.2 Excellent

Olija Preview

Our man Jake previews this interesting looking action title ahead of it's launch in a couple of weeks. How is it shaping up so far?

Exit The Gungeon Review

We've entered, now it's time to exit the Gungeon; has the trip been worth it?

6.8 Okay

Serious Sam Collection Review

Can this deadly serious collection bring some bang for your buck?

7 Good

Stories Untold Review

Is a strong narrative enough to make up for the lack of 'traditional' gameplay?

7.5 Good

Carrion Review

The reverse horror title is finally here (and in Gamepass too). Has it been worth the wait?

7 Good

My Friend Pedro Review

A hectic platformer that revels in its over the top action and violence, can My Friend Pedro keep the entertainment factor up throughout?

7 Good
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