Bladed Fury Review

What’s an ancient fantasy tale without redemption? In Bladed Fury you play as Princess Ji, who is framed for the murder of her father Duke Kang by a demon. Ji then embarks on her quest to hunt down the three witnesses on that day in order to clear her name. As I mentioned, Bladed Fury is a fantasy game that revolves around Chinese mythology so when Ji is casually talking and getting help from gods such as the moon god Tsukuyomi, don’t be caught off guard by it. You can be though when Ji wields ion cannons and when the game involves mech suits into the mix. You can’t help yourself but question the consistency with the story.

 If I told you that I kept playing Bladed Fury for the story I would be lying. Bladed Fury can be recognized for its fast paced combat and unique presentation and art style. From the Mythological beings to the combat moves that Ji can pull off everything just looks beautifully and articulate, like everything was hand drawn. You can see what I mean when you pull off a flashy combo amongst hordes of enemies. The controls in this game are very easy to learn and even combos aren’t hard to pull off. The problem is however that you’re very limited to what you can do within this fighting system. The fighting in this game does look pretty but overall ends up pretty underdeveloped and shallow.

In Bladed Fury you have your standard attacks which consist of basic light, heavy, parry, and even aerial move attacks. These attacks can be chained together to pull off some pretty amazing combos or mixed up to create even bigger and flashier ones. They’re not hard to pull off either. Within the game there are stations where you invest souls dropped from common enemies to upgrade your abilities. The only new skill you are actually able to buy is a parry, everything else is just a power buff. It would have been so much better if Ji could learn some new moves to add to her arsenal so players could be able to switch up moves once in awhile. While Ji’s moves sparkle at first after a few levels they begin to lose that shine they originally had. 

I reviewed Bladed Fury on the Xbox One rather than the Series X or One X. While playing I encountered loss of frame rate when in boss battles or fighting hordes of enemies. Other than that it ran pretty well on my system when it worked.


Bladed Fury is what I would call a sleeper game. Its art style and fast paced 2D action is what help it stand out the most. Beneath that layer however is a game that is missing a more developed story and upgrading and fighting system to keep things fresh. For a game that can be finished in under 2 hours, if your looking for something quick and easy to play then Bladed Fury is your game.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox One console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Unique presentation
  • Fast paced action
  • Upgrade system lacks depth
  • Frame rate loss
  • Lacking story
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7
Audio - 8
Longevity - 6
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