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Manufacturer: ATOM™
Where to buy: Abroco
Price: £179.99 – Or Region Equivalent

If like me, you work an office job and sit in an uncomfortable desk chair every day, you may be put off the idea of converting to a gaming chair when you get home. For quite some time, this was the case for me. I was spending my gaming time perched on the edge of my bed in uncomfortable positions, simply because I didn’t want to spend any more time in a chair than I already had to. Now, after trying the Atom – Black Edition Gaming Chair from Abroco, I am a total convert, and puzzled as to why I didn’t make the change sooner.

Although chairs of this kind can often be a considered purchase due to their price tags, comfort is paramount, and greatly impacts the entire gaming experience. The Atom comes in a standard model or the upgraded Black Edition. The Black Edition is the version that I was able to test out and therefore the model that this review will be focused on. However, before we get to talking about the Black Edition, it’s worth giving the specification of the standard Atom a mention for comparison. The standard Atom model that comes in 5 different colorways (red, black, white, grey, and blue) and two different style-ways, the GT, and the RS.

The only difference that separates the GT and RS versions is that each have different stitching and leather cut patterns. All models in the range feature 4D armrests, cold cured foam seats, high quality PU leather, rocking tilt mechanisms, and full reclining backrests. The Black Edition features three upgrades which are as follows: a heavy-duty metal base, a multi-setting rocking tilt mechanism, and finally, are presented exclusively in black carbon fibre. As is evident by the name, the Black Edition only comes in a black colorway, but still has both the GT and RS style options.

When it comes to constructing the chair, the instructions are printed on a single sheet and are mainly graphical with very little written direction. For the most part, there is enough detail to accurately follow, but I did run into an issue when I couldn’t fully decipher which way the rocking tilt mechanism should connect to the base. I ultimately discovered that my 50/50 choice was the incorrect one when I had fully constructed the chair, sat down for the first time, and the chair began leaning forward rather than backwards.

At that point it did seem more obvious which way I should have chosen but often it’s not easy to visualize something until it is all in one piece. After a good laugh and enlisting the help of my sister to hold the chair while I deconstructed the base from the seat, it didn’t take too long to rectify. The only other minor construction issue I faced was that one of the wheels refused to click into the metal base. Though, after a bit of brute force it popped in, but I did have to give it a polite nudge with a heavy object.

That said, and although it is very possible to construct the chair alone, I would say that it is much easier with a second person, especially when screwing the back to the base, or, if like me, you encounter an oops moment. Sitting in the chair is extremely comfortable, and the head and lumbar support cushions rest just in the right place. Being on elastics, these can be moved up and down or completely removed as needed.

One of my usual gripes with desk chairs is the lack of back support, but this wasn’t the case with the Atom and its additional lumbar cushion, it makes gaming for longer periods of time an all-round more comfortable experience. The 4D armrests (posable in all directions) and fully adjustable back make for a chair that is customizable to almost any body type, without compromising its comfort. I am not too sure why it would ever be necessary, but the chair can fully recline into a completely horizontal position. I did admittedly have a lot of fun with that being one of the first things I tested.

Aesthetically the chair is certainly pleasing to the eye, and, with the slick all over black design, it will look absolutely great in any gaming room or home office. The stitching differences between the GT and RS models is quite subtle, but it is nice to have the choice of both options. The chair looks great on its own, but looks even better once the head and lumbar cushions have been applied. The chair both looks and feels high quality and durable, but it’s nice to know that the chair is also covered by a 12-month warranty in the unlikely event that anything should happen.

Now, let’s talk about the price, I have seen gaming chairs vary greatly in their pricing, but cost does not always equate to quality, although at times there is an element of ‘you get what you pay for’. The standard Atom GT and RS model retails for £149.99 and the upgraded Black Edition retails for £179.99. The Atom Black Edition is of very impressive quality being in the price bracket that it is in. It feels to me that it’s great value for money compared to some of the more costlier options that dominate the market.

For those with less of a budget, or, those looking for a more casual option, this may still be a little out of their price range. However, if you’re looking for luxury, and you’re willing to fork out some dough (past that of the cost of a cheaper, less robust option), I cant recommend this chair enough. It’s sturdy and built to last, it’s comfy enough for prolonged sessions, and it’s gorgeously designed with a slick finish. That said, Abroco’s magnificent GT and RS models are available too, should you want to browse their varying wares.


Whatever your gaming style may be, the Atom – Black Edition Gaming Chair is fully flexible and does not lack in comfort, alongside that, it is robust and beautifully designed. While investing in a gaming chair may not be for everyone, the Atom – Black Edition sits quite high on the value scale, and certainly enhances the overall gaming experience. Bottom line? It’s a must have!

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  • Comfortable in all positions that it flexes to.
  • Heavily customizable, and fit for all body types.
  • Gorgeously designed with a slick finish.
  • Worth its cost, especially compared to other brands.
  • Built to last thanks to its impressive durability.
  • Lengthy warranty included, but, unlikely you'll need it.
  • Minor (very minor) construction niggles.
Usability - 8.5
Design - 8.5
Durability - 8
Value for Price - 9
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I have been gaming since I can remember, with some of my earliest memories being of the Sega Mega Drive. Games have always been an escape for me and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity to experience so many wonderful worlds. If you would like to hit me up on Xbox my gamertag is: vampkittie


  1. My noblechairs chair has just packed in on me this month. Was looking at your snakebyte review last week but after seeing this and high rating on their site, im sold! Picking one up next payday. Cheers Cassie!

  2. Top chair! Got one myself and would die by it! Don’t miss out!

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  4. How does the various products mentioned on the list compare, and which one can be said to be the best?


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