Trust Felox Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Manufacturer: Trust
Where to Buy: Amazon
RRP: £17.99

We’re big fans of wireless tech here at the Tavern. From controllers to keyboards, headphones to mice, the less clutter we have the better. Enter todays subject – the Trust Felox wireless mouse. Usable on both PC and Xbox via the included dongle, it’s proved to be a sturdy and nice to use bit of tech.

The Felox has a bit of a gamer look to it – all flashy LED’s and straight edges to its appearance, but is surprisingly comfortable to use when playing. It has a good height in the body that lets my hand sit nicely, and the buttons themselves have a satisfying click to them.

Set up is easy – just plug and play. On both PC and Xbox this just works, and playing the old favourite Fortnite with it was great. My play space means I’m about 6-7 feet from my Xbox and I had no issues with connection quality at all. Of course, it does mean we need a USB port to use this no matter where we play, which in my case on my Surface tablet means taking up the only USB port I have, though those with more modern kit (or indeed a USB hub) will be fine here. Handily, the dongle slots into the underside of the mouse body when not in use, helping to prevent losing it (hopefully).

As well as the funky lights that can be turned off to save battery, we can also set the DPI through several presets, from 800 up to 4800. The button to do so is just under the mouse wheel and the change in settings is almost instant. I’ve found in some mice this can take a second or two but here that’s not the case.

The built in battery can be charged in 3 hours, and lasts for a reported 80. We’ve used it almost exclusively these past few weeks and haven’t had to recharge it once, though we’d also venture to say we’ve only have used it for around half that hour count.

In game, we found it comfortable and easy to use. Sensitivity and input lag feel great, and the actual unit slides about nicely, not sticking to our mat or table. Being able to adjust the DPI quickly in game helped us get accustomed to this way of playing, and it’s certainly helping in winning us over to the K&M side when it comes to online shooters.


All in all, the Trust Felox wireless mouse is a solid option for those looking to get an edge in online games, or simply have something a little funkier for day to day work. It has a quickly recharged and long lasting battery, satisfying button clicks and easily adjusted DPI, and is one of the more comfortable mice we’ve used. The need for a dongle is a bit of a shame (rather than Bluetooth) but considering the low price this is hardly a deal breaker.

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  • Comfortable feel
  • Long lasting battery
  • Looks nice without being too garish
  • Uses USB dongle rather than Bluetooth
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