Trust Zirox GXT415 Headphones Review

A decent pair of headphones are all but essential for gaming today. While some will prefer the big surround sound systems – and heathens will make do with TV speakers – most won’t have the room or cash to set something like this up. The problem is, even headphones can get extremely pricey, so it’s always nice to see more resonably priced options come to the fore – namely, the Trust GXT415 Zirox.

Coming in at les than £20, these are perfect for those looking for a second pair, or something for the little gamers in the house. Being wired there’s no need to worry about keeping them charged, and the cable has sufficient length to handle a rage drop of the controller or two.

Volume is handled by a rocker on the left ear, and the GXT415 had a decent range, handling gunfire, speech and inbetween audio fairly well. Having used it for several rounds of Fortnite, Exoprimal, and a little Pikmin 4, I came away from using these impressed for what they were. I was able to hear both my teammates and the game well enough, and the top end of the volume range is quite loud indeed.

Less impressive is the microphone; it being built into the headset is fine, and it flips up into a recess when not in use. However, it feels far too small for my use and is unadjustable, and when playing with it I felt like I had to raise my voice to get it to register. The audio coming through it was good enough, but again when we have to raise our voice slightly it won’t please the rest of the house. It also has it’s own mute button which is handy but flipping it up into the recess doesn’t also mute it which feels odd.

Comfort wise these are passable, the faux-leather cups not getting too hot over a several hour session. I did find they didn’t quite cover my ears as nicely as I’d like, though I’m also very spoiled in having some other, very comfortable (and expensive) headphones so it was more that it was different than bad per se.


The Trust GXT415 headphones are a decent option for those looking to game in peace on a budget. Sound quality is good, and they’re comfortable enough for long sessions. A poor mic set up lets the side down a bit, but for the low entry cost this is more forgivable.

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  • Decent range of audio
  • Wire has good length to it
  • Won't break the bank
  • Built in microphone is a bit poor
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