Xbox Tavern’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Jamie – @Enaksan

We don’t know too much about it yet, but easily my front runner for 2021 in terms of excitement is Resident Evil: Village.

I’m a huge RE fan and even though we’ve had some disappointments over the years (you know the ones), when it comes to the mainline series I’m guaranteed to get my hype levels up from even the briefest of glimpses. The trailers so far have been a typically intriguing bunch, with some lovely looking visuals really getting the grimy-ness of the world across, while continuing to showcase what is for my money the best engine out there today. I don’t for one second believe that the returning Chris Redfield is the actual big bad here (even if he does appear to execute Mia in front of protagonist Ethan’s eyes) but that seed of doubt Capcom have laid down is ever growing in my mind.

The village setting also looks to capture some of what made RE4 such a tremendous title, while flashes of other settings and characters purely sets the speculation machine going full steam ahead.

Having said that, I’m not 100% sold on the Werewolf-thing yet. Part of what made RE7 and the recent remakes of RE2 and RE3 so damn good was getting away from the excess of new monsters and focusing on just a handful of more traditional RE foes; Zombies mainly, but even the introduction of the Molded in RE7 kept things fairly simple by not having a ton of new variants, effectively replacing the zombies with zombie-esque creatures. I’m hoping that these Werewolves will be used sparingly, and as a form of semi-permanent threats in the vein of Nemesis rather than full on replacements for zombies, but I’m open to seeing what Capcom can pull off regardless of their route forward.

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