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Developed and published by Team17, Worms Rumble is taking a popular IP and jumping on the battle royal bandwagon. This is a bold move considering how many battle royale games there are, but Team17 has done a decent job at trying to make their game stand out. Worms has come a long way from the 2D turn-based game that I used to play on the Mega Drive. So to see it still in 2D but so highly detailed in 32 player cross-platform battles is a glorious sight to see.

It does have very strong Fortnite vibes when you get to the main menu screen. You see your personalised worm in all its glory. You can customise this worm fully, from their clothes, eyes, mouth to colour and more to make it as unique as you see fit. There are of course items you can unlock whilst playing and levelling up. Some items can be purchased for those that are interested.

Once you have decorated your worm enough you are then ready to dive into action. There is a training session which I would highly recommend as even for hardcore Worms fans the controls take a bit of getting used to here. Also, as Worms Rumble is played out in real time combat, and not turn-based as the series has classically been, you must know what you are doing before you enter the fray. There are features I have not experienced before like a roll move to allow you to move faster and you can now jump and hug walls to climb up them, which is nice.

Those familiar with the Worms games know about its ever-growing arsenal of weapons. For now, they have a decent amount of options without things getting too overwhelming. The standard weapons make an appearance – the baseball bat, bazooka and shotgun – and they have some generic weapons like a hand cannon and assault rifle, which could be likened to the uzi from previous games although it looks quite different. Team17 have also added in some of the modern style weapons like the plasma blaster, sheep launcher, and the sentry launcher. There are 2 weapons I haven’t personally come across myself and that’s the hammerhead, a multiple rocket launcher that isn’t that easy to control, and the Rocket Shield, which deflects most bullets and can launch forward into enemies to damage them.

Usually, you will only start with the hand cannon and you will have to roam the level to find some of the other weapons so you have to be quick from the off to find the good stuff. There are throwable items like the grenade, banana bomb, and holy grenade that be found. There are also a couple of utility items to help you traverse the level; a plunger that operates as the ninja rope of old which allows you to swing across the level as you latch onto walls and ceilings, and the jetpack, which has limited fuel but allows you to reach higher ground quicker. Lastly, there are the health and shield items which come as a medi-pack and an energy drink. They are not used automatically and you have to hold up on the D-pad to consume them.

There are 4 options of battle on offer: deathmatch, team deathmatch, last worm standing and last squad standing. Each mode has up to 32 worms in cross platforming mayhem. The deathmatches are first to 100 kills but they also have a time limit on them so they don’t drag on. Last worm standing modes last only as long as your worm or squad of 3 survives. The gameplay is very fast and you will need some good reflexes and aiming skills if you’re going to pick up any kills. There are probably way too many explosive weapons on offer as some areas of the map are usually covered in fiery carnage, but then again, it is a Worms game after all. The game also marks some areas of the map as danger zones, which have green mist all around them and if you get too close or go into it, you will start to lose health.

Considering it does have cross-play I didn’t notice any lagging or glitching going on it all ran pretty smoothly on both the Xbox Series S and X. The matchmaking isn’t super fast but then there isn’t really any large battle royale game out there that is considered that quick in matchmaking. But for any battle royale fans, this 2D take on it with a fun IP such as Worms is a decent alternative to what is currently out there. There is room for expansion with other game modes and maybe weapon limitations in certain games. For those interested in the customising and levelling side of battle royale games there plenty to offer. There are objectives to hit for extra XP and the more frequently you use certain weapons the more skins you can unlock for that particular weapon.


Real-time Worms action is something all previous fans of the series have probably thought about at one point, and it’s nice to not only see it happen but have it modernised in the popular battle royale style. It’s simple enough to pick up and play and the cross platforming means you can squad up with your friends using other platforms too. I found it fun to play and a decent addition to the Worms series. My only gripe is that sometimes there are too many explosions on-screen to keep track of your worm at times.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • The levels and worms look great graphically
  • Large choice of weapons and items on offer
  • Cross-platforming will keep the lobbies full
  • Too many explosive weapons
  • More game modes needed
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.5
Longevity - 8
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