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Spacebase Startopia is what I would definitely call a work in progress because, well, it is, launching into the Game Preview program. From its buggy tutorials and glitchy gameplay I can see that this game has a couple issues to work out before it’s a finished product. However I will also say that I can see the potential this game has to be a top notch simulator.

Spacebase Startopia is an in-depth space station simulation game. It reminds you of such games like Tropico or Thrillsville for reference. Starting off as commander – or Command-R for short -you’re given a rundown, bare and disgruntled space station which you are tasked to transform into into a bustling fully operational Space Station.  Energy is a vital currency  to keep the ship running. It’s required to build new stations and rooms and you can even spend energy to do special favors when prompted. The space station itself is divided into 3 sections which cost energy to access. There’s the Bio Deck, Fun Deck and the Sub Deck, At the Bio Deck you’re in charge of creating a habitable atmosphere for your visitors and collect resources as well for your ship. The Fun Deck houses all the leisure and recreational activities for your visitors and on the Sub Deck there is whatever you decide to place there. The choice is yours depending on what your ship needs.

Work drones also known as Fuzzies are a crucial part in maintaining your spaceship. They are in charge of building and rearing rooms and objects, collecting garbage on your station and transporting crates. While there are drones working the ship you can also recruit the different species of visitors on your ship to work for you also. I really liked this feature of the game because in most simulation games you pay no mind to the visitors or NPC’s you come across, however in Spacebase Startopia I make sure to inspect the visitors and decide if they’re needed on my ship or not. Each visitor had their own skill and needs that needed to be met giving them a sort of individuality. There’s a in game social media page that the visitors will use giving you either praise or critique on what parts of your ships could use some improvements.

Of course what’s a Space Simulation game without a little bit of combat added into the mix. Not as in-depth as the rest of the game, the combat potion has you building a mech and point and click to attack an enemy on your ship. Like I said, it’s easy enough. 

The problems I had in this preview version of Spacebase Startopia were inputs not being read, one or two crashes here and there and some bugs in the tutorial which would have to make me restart because I couldn’t move ahead any further. These are all things that can be patched out as development for the game is still in progress. 

Visually I’ll say the game is intimidating. Not relating to the art style – I loved the cartoonish vibe the game was putting out. It fit with its cartoonish humor and quips. What I’m talking about is the menu for some of the interfaces. Especially the visitor menu. You’re met with a ton of numbers, stats and loads of information that it becomes hard to decipher what everything means. Even during construction at times I had trouble on exactly what I was building.  

Spacebase Startopia also includes a multiplayer mode however I could not experience that feature due to my circumstance of not being able to find a match with anybody.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing the finished product of Spacebase Startopia. I do hope the interface is more user friendly because I’d hate for a game like this to be scaring off anybody from experiencing it. 

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