Ooblets Preview

After a long gestation period, the popular Ooblets is now out in Game Preview. Has they hype been worth it?

Demolish and Build Review

Can this construction simulator provide some cathartic entertainment?

5 Average

Assetto Corsa Competizione Review

Entering a highly competitive market, can the GT sim stand shoulder to shoulder with the established greats?

8.3 Great

F1 2020 Review

Codemasters rarely put a foot wrong in the racing space - can their latest release up hold this long standing tradition?

9.5 Excellent

Hunting Simulator 2 Review

The popular series is back; will it capture the thrill of the hunt successfully?

5.3 Average

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Review

Can this simulation satiate anyone's needs for the real life catch while in lockdown?

7.5 Good

Tour de France 2020 Review

In lieu of the real thing this year, can Nacon's sim fill that void well enough?

5.8 Average

Beyond Blue Review

Is there a hidden depth to this exploration of the oceans, or is it all a bit flat?

6.8 Okay

Robot Squad Simulator X Review

Will this military robot sim accurately represent the real world act?

3.1 Lousy
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