Autumn’s Journey Review

Will this visual novel capture our hearts with its tale of love?

2.3 Awful

Drunken Fist Review

Can this mad-cap brawler be the life of the party?

4.6 Poor

60 Parsecs! Review

Will you survive the perils of SPAAACCEEEE?

6.5 Okay

Football Manager 2021 Review

The supremely popular sim comes back to console at last! Can the Xbox version manage to keep things in order?

8.5 Great

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review

Can this unlikely mash up provide a good match?

7.4 Good

Mars Horizon Review

Can you take mankind into outer space successfully in this intergalactic sim?

5.5 Average

Little Big Workshop Review

Will your workshop work like clockwork. Or will you need to shut up shop.

6.1 Okay

Monster Truck Championship Review

There's no denying that Monster Trucks are cool, but can this sim help us live out the dream or will they be crushed under the gigantic wheels?

8.3 Great

NBA 2K21 Review

NBA 2K tends to bring great gameplay each year, but is marred by questionable business practices; will this year buck that trend, or double down?

4.8 Poor
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