Robot Squad Simulator X Review

When a situation is at its worst and you do not dare to risk human lives, what do we put our faith in? The robots.

A salute to the unsung heroes and the people that control these marvellous machines. Remarkably saving mankind without batting an eyelid robots like these serve as an indispensable tool where no human may enter. The developers at Ultimate Games bring us Robot Squad Simulator X, a head first dive into the world of robotics and dangerous situations.

Upon loading in you have a fairly basic mission select screen and a garage where you can work on your robots. Parts can be upgraded to speed up your robot or the speed of your robots arm, and even extend the duration of a speaker distraction; for example, making a guard look the other way as you roll on past. You have a selection of 4 robots to control and these will soon be unlocked as you progress through the missions set before you. Missions can be anything from simple training to infiltrating the bad guys hangout or government facility.

Each robot has a set of perks and unique talents and you will come across missions that will require the use of 2 robots to work together. Dangerous gases or flooded corridors will hinder your progress and switching up to your other robot might be the only way. You will also come across bombs, possibly the scenario where we see these robots in action the most, and depending on the mission you must either dismantle the bombs or move it to a more secure area with the use of your metal claw. Occasionally you will come across guards and even snipers trying to get a hit on your metallic friend, but simply hiding behind something can easily help in not being destroyed.

Although this may sound a fine and good I’d have to say this title hasn’t been very well though out or given enough attention. With poor gameplay mechanics and fairly average design and graphics, lets just say the robots are not getting the justice they deserve. While driving on the uneven terrain you soon notice that while trying to turn your robot its hard to track the terrain, causing your robot to stop moving, or at best slow right down. The detail collision is very unforgiving, you may get sniper hit just because your front wheel wont budge over the tiniest ledge even with a run up. It’s very easy to get stuck or caught on scenery and have to restart the mission.

I also came across a certain save point so that when I chose restart at checkpoint, I’d just get blown up over and over again. The idea is great, and you can see how this might be a great title had it been given a bit more thought, but unfortunately as it is, I can’t see it attracting a great deal of buyers. Unless you’re the type of person that legitimately loves simulation, but even then it will still likely cause frustration.


Robot Squad Simulation X isn’t a great game but still playable to a degree. Unfortunately riddled with bad mechanics and average design, this title will see you getting more frustrated than having any real enjoyment. A great idea, just poorly executed.

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  • A good idea in theory
  • A few varieties of robots to use
  • Poor gameplay
  • Poor visual design
  • Just not very fun
Gameplay - 2.5
Graphics - 3.5
Audio - 3.5
Longevity - 2.9
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