Aggelos Review

Aggelos is finally upon Xbox One, bringing with it a retro fueled experience that's said to be unlike any other. Is this worthy of your time?

8 Great

Hell Warders Review

Hell Warders serves itself as a new tower defense game with some seemingly neat mechanics. Does it all come together to produce a solid experience?

5 Average

Nippon Marathon Review

Nippon Marathon seems like a fun game on paper, housing a character not too dissimilar to Takeshi's Castle. The question is, is this any good?

3.8 Lousy

Super Pixel Racers Review

There's a gap on the market for arcade racers. There always will be. Does Super Pixel Racers do a good job at filling the void?

6.9 Okay

All-Star Fruit Racing Review

There's nothing like a good old fashioned kart racer. Mario does it best, I think we can all agree on that. Though, how does this new All-Star Fruit Racing hold up?

6 Okay

Stay Review

Stay is a unique game. In fact, Stay is much more of an interactive experience than that of a traditional game. Is it worth your time and attention?

8 Great

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