Verlet Swing Review

Verlet Swing brings hookshot action to Xbox One, tasking you to make it through a range of difficult levels using little more than momentum. Does it work?

6 Okay

Super Blood Hockey Review

Super Blood Hockey is here at last, bringing classic old-school play with a gory twist. The question is, does the game stand tall alongside the best?

7.8 Good

Skelly Selest Review

Skelly Selest offers a variety of modes that will no doubt appeal to the score attackers out there, but, does it maintain interest for long?

6.5 Okay

Black Paradox Review

Rogue-lites are hardly a rare sight these days, but Black Paradox promises to stand out on the merit of its design and pace. Does it achieve that?

8.5 Great

Glass Masquerade Review

Glass Masquerade is a simple game, mechanically, but does simplicity alone manage to carry it through to greatness? Or does it fall to repetition?

7 Good

Nefarious Review

Nefarious offers itself up as another 2D action platformer, but here, you're playing the bad guy. Is this solid concept backed up by solid gameplay?

5 Average

Shikhondo: Soul Eater Review

Shikhondo - Soul Eater aims to be a different sort of bullet-hell shoot 'em up, but first and foremost, does it do enough to justify its steep cost?

4.9 Poor

Fall of Light: Darkest Edition Review

Fall of Light originally launched for the PC late last year, but now, it's coming to console with new features exclusive to the platform. Does its light shine bright?

8 Great

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Review

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a bold and daring game that depicts some devastating historical events. As a game, does it hold its own?

7.9 Good
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