Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition Review

A unique and macabre roguelite adventure awaits anyone interested in playing a game where you have to unravel its secrets all on your own. 

8.5 Great

Signs of the Sojourner Review

Explore a vibrant world filled with compelling storylines. Communicate with interesting characters using a fun and innovative card game. 

8.7 Great

Tower of Time Review

Will this blend of tactical combat and classic RPG nuances be worth your time?

7.9 Good

Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition Review

The well-regarded PC title comes to console in its Zubmariner edition - has the wait been worth it?

7.6 Good

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions Review

A releaxing, yet challenging, puzzler comes to Xbox. Can it hold the attention for long enough to solve the puzzles?

6.3 Okay

Underhero Review

An RPG-Platformer with rhythm elements, can Underhero mesh the styles together successfully?

8.8 Great

Demons With Shotguns Review

Rarely before has a title so succinctly summed up a premise; does the gameplay come across as well?

8.1 Great

XenoRaptor Review

A twin stick shooter featuring Dragons. Fighting spaceships. With our solar system as the back drop... Can the gameplay compliment the oddball setup?

5 Average

Verlet Swing Review

Verlet Swing brings hookshot action to Xbox One, tasking you to make it through a range of difficult levels using little more than momentum. Does it work?

6 Okay

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