Bloody Rally Show Review

Bloody Rally Show is a unique top down roguelite racer; a mashup of racing, car battling and roguelite elements brings you an infinite variety of race tracks and procedurally generated campaigns, with a dystopian story and AI generated conversations, missions and challenges.   

You wake up in 2084 and start off by creating your own customer character. You had an accident in 2021 and was put into cryosleep. To pay back the cost of keeping you preserved, you have to compete in the most popular form of entertainment in the current time: Rally racing. In this dystopian future a giant tech conglomerate has taken over the world’s economy and controls all that would entail. When they turn their attention to new forms of entertainment, they look back at the popularity of rally racing in the 1980’s and it’s potential for violent excitement. And thus, the Bloody Rally Show was born. These rallies are very popular, so the likes of social media influencers are always on top of the action to get those likes and interactions, no matter how dangerous it is, and they like to bribe other racers into doing stuff for them.

First you will need to create your avatar out of random generated images and names. One thing that actually really annoys me is there are no black characters; it’s all white people which obviously didn’t suit what I (and no doubt plenty of others) was looking for in creating my own character. It feels like an obvious omission, especially in this current time, and one I hope they fix in an update soon.

The menus can be quite clunky with it proving a struggle to navigate at times. There are no cut scenes during the campaign either, just moving slideshow images. Despite this, the art style is pretty cool and some of the scenes can have comedy elements at times.

In the campaign you follow the story across several seasons in one big championship. Each season has 5 races and you start with some cash to get you started. As you win races your level increases and you can slowly upgrade your car or even buy a new one. All of this costs money though and you will need to win races or do well to keep the cash flowing in. You are however limited to one upgrade per race so you will want to get this done as soon possible. You also can customize your car to change its colour to what you prefer. The final race of each season has a special event that you have to complete, and if you don’t you may be punished with losing cash or upgrades on your car.

One thing that stands out is that even if you’re doing bad in a race and want to restart the game will force you to spend 1% of your total cash. If you have no money to enter the race as a driver you can instead enter as a pedestrian and snap dangerous photos to earn enough cash for the next race by going close to the track. However, if you get run over by a car you will “die” and have to use more of your cash to pay for the medical bills. If you have no money to pay them it is game over.

Bloody Rally Show plays like a top down Carmageddon. Every race is randomly generated so no one will ever run the same race.  This is fantastic as it just feels like not everyone’s season will be the same. It doesn’t take long to generate the 5 random races as it does it when each season starts.

In the races, it’s a lot of fun – and encouraged – to try and kill the pedestrians that are around during your race as you will add boost power to your car for doing so. My slight niggle here is that the cars feel way too easy to skid and slide out as it is, so it can take some time to get the hang of the drifting and controls.

In some races you can pick up weapons to take out other racers but they never fully crash out. Instead, they just get taken out and have a respawn time to wait out before they come back into the race.

Overall, while I’m enjoying the gameplay I can’t help but feel this is a title that’ll be forgotten about fairly quickly. Something to play for a short while every now and then, but not something you’ll be keen to get back onto regularly. I do enjoy the randomly generated aspect and general play, but I can’t help but feel something is missing slightly to really make the game shine.


Bloody Rally Show is a fun, unique roguelite-style title. The nature of every race never being the same is a great feature to keep the game fresh. The top down elements brings back old school vibes, but while the game is fun in short bursts, I feel it’s a case of too little to really make it something that’ll keep players coming back.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox Series S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Great feature of every race being different
  • Quirky storyline
  • Fun gameplay
  • Menu can get a bit clunky
  • Takes a while get better upgrades/cars
  • No black characters
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 6
Audio - 7
Longevity - 7
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