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Sea of Thieves’ Stunning World Needs to be More Dynamic

Sea of Thieves has a stunning and vivid world, there's no denying that, but it's a world that needs to be more story-dynamic.


Games to Show Off on Your Xbox One X

So you've got yourself the most powerful console in the world, you lucky thing. You'll be eager to get some 4K goodness in your eyes.

Xbox One’s Hidden Gems

It’s Summer, and that means two things: there’s a slight lull in videogame releases and it gets too hot to sleep. Need something to fill those late nights in front of a fan?

No Man's Sky

It’s Finally Time to Take No Man’s Sky Seriously

It's been one hell of a rough ride for No Man's Sky, what with its poor launch and even poorer handling. Though, I think it's finally time to take the game seriously.

Xt Interview With Castaway Paradise’s Stolen Couch Games

We fired a few questions over to Castaway Paradise's Stolen Couch Games, an Animal Crossing-like game that's set to arrive on Xbox One this month.

Monster Hunter World

Don’t be Afraid of the Franchise – Monster Hunter World Deserves Your Attention

While undoubtedly still obtuse, Monster Hunter World is also one of the most refreshing gaming experiences of this console generation.

Top Free to Play Games on Xbox One

Free is great, isn't it? There's no shortage of free games on the Xbox One. With that in mind, which ones, from the many, are worth your time?

Console Exclusive Betas Need to Stop

I'm all for exclusivity, but damn, these console exclusive betas really need to stop. I mean, who do they really help in the long run?

Could a New Resident Evil Outbreak Break the Resident Evil Co-op Curse?

Resident Evil and co-op play just don't seem to go together as well as one would expect. Though, could a new Outbreak remedy that curse?

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