Project Game Pass January 2024: Turbo Golf Racing

We recently announced some changes to our Project Game Pass program, which you can read all about here.

With that in mind, our first game for 2024 is Turbo Golf Racing from Secret Mode and Hugecalf Studios. We previewed the game when it entered Early Access and Game Pass back in August 2022, and have dipped in sporadically since.

The livestream will be here from 8pm(ISSSHHHH) on Sunday January 7th!

Taking cues from both Rocket League and Golf with Your Friends, the aim of the game is to race down the fairway while smacking an oversized ball with our superfast nimble boost-powered bumper car towards the hole, first one there being the winner. Up to eight players can compete, and while we can’t interact with each others golf balls, it can still get hectic when the weapons come into play.

Our first stream is currently set for January 7th 2024 at 8pm…


…over on our YouTube page, with the archive remaining there after the fact. We hope you’ll swing by and say hi, and let us know what you think of the game (and our no doubt excellent skills)!

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