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Ooblets is one of those games that’s able to leave some sort of impact on me. From the entire premise of the game to the customization, to the combat system, cosmetic items, and the adorable variety of Ooblets, I found myself entranced in the world. Since the game is in the Xbox Game Preview stage I can’t really give a full-length review on Ooblets, however, I can give my first impressions and thoughts during my play through of the game so far.

For starters, you arrive in a new town trying to satisfy your thirst for your adventure. As you arrive you meet the Mayor who introduces you to little creatures that you’ve never seen before, Ooblets. In almost a Pokemon-kind of fashion, you choose which Island club you want to join and by doing this you also get to claim your very own Ooblet associated with that group. Coming without any money or a place to live, the Mayor offers you a beat-up, rundown shack to live in for the time being and teaches you how to farm and raise Ooblets and your plot of land. After everything is said and done, you get a goods night’s rest and in the morning you begin your Ooblets journey.

Now if you ask me I think it’s plain to see that Ooblets takes inspiration from series such as Pokemon and Stardew Valley, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s actually the complete opposite. Just like how in Pokemon there’s a variety of monsters/creatures for you to collect, even different variants such as shiny’s, the same can be said about Ooblets.

There’s a wide variety of cute and charming little Ooblets for you to collect. As you progress throughout the game you can grow your own Ooblets on your own plot of land, and you can also have them watch over and maintain your farm for you as you explore everything the world has to offer. There are different shops for things such as furniture, seeds, and clothing that allow you to fully customize not only your home and yourself, but your Ooblets as well. Also, I think that it’s worth mentioning that every NPC in the town all feel very different and unique in there own little cute and quirky way.

With that being said, as I stated before Ooblets also feels like Stardew Valley as well. Farming/building is a crucial aspect of Ooblets as you use these mechanics to grow your army of adorable Ooblets, create food items to restore your energy for the day, and you get to revamp and remodel your home. Sometimes the NPCs in town will even ask favors from you and in the end, they’ll reward you for a job well done. Maybe I missed it during my play through, but the one thing I would like to see from Ooblets is a relationship system that is similar to Stardew Valley. I already said beforehand that all the NPC’s are unique and have personality, but I feel that having this system implemented into the game will even flesh it out more than it already is.

Now another main mechanic from Ooblets is the battle mechanics. Unlike Pokemon, the Ooblets don’t fight each other; instead, they have dance battles. In an Ooblet battle, the goal is to out-dance your opponent and reach a certain hype goal before they do. In order to do this, you have cards that have dance moves on them and each card varies in their effects. Some give you hype points, some affect your opponent, some allow you to use the same card twice, etc. It’s a pretty fun and innovative system if you ask me. The one thing that I would like to see is more animations from your Ooblets as you play a card. After you have seen them all it kind of gets repetitive and bland. Either way, I prefer the dance battles over physical ones anyway. The Ooblets are too cute and adorable for violence.


My first impressions of Ooblets is very positive. I see a lot of potential and I feel that many people will enjoy playing this title. It’s very cute and charming, the vibrant colors make you feel warm and comfortable, and the upbeat happy music combining with the atmosphere is just true bliss. I can already see myself using it as an escape from reality whenever I need to take a breather. While I would like to see some sort of online system implemented where you can just chill with friends, you can’t have everything. Of course, the game had a few bugs and glitches here and there, but it’s in early access so I can look past all of that. I have high hopes for Ooblets and I can’t wait to see the game in its final form.

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This game was previewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by the publisher.
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  • Charming aesthetic
  • Battle system is fun and unique
  • Characters are represented well
  • Lots of customisation
  • Some repetitive animations
  • Early access bugs (which are to be expected)
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