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Its time to sharpen your axe because you’ll be chopping a lot of trees in Neiffelheim, the new 2D side scrolling action adventure from Ellada Games. Neiffelheim has a lot to offer and expands upon the 2D side scrolling genre. It utilizes mechanics from various games already seen and shows an impressive art style, but does it hold up to todays modern kind of games? Lets begin.

“You play as a brave warrior who has fallen in battle but instead of a well-deserved peace in Asgard his soul is trapped in the harsh world of Neiffelheim. Survive in a hostile world, ransack the neighboring lands, explore dangerous dungeons and find your way to Valhalla.”

Neiffelheim looks great; a lot of effort has gone into hand drawn scenery, characters and bosses. All based of Nordic religion and heritage, you can expect to see some truly amazing creatures and horrors. The art style portrays this nicely with different areas to takeover and conquer, ranging from deepest darkest dungeons to the frozen forests or townships of wood and steel. At first everything seems peaceful, apart from the occasional sheep or hedgehog running around, but this is just a ploy for what is to come further in-game.

Crafting is a big deal here. Using a similar and familiar mechanic from such games as Rust or Ark: Survial, you must chop trees, slaughter livestock and defeat enemies to earn crafting materials and gold for the markets. Crafting is key to obtaining new weapons, armour and other abilities, as entering new areas or fighting bosses will not be easy until you have armed yourself with some decent equipment. From shields to crossbows, longswords and chainmail armour, it’s all there for the making. Once higher levels are reached you can start building castles, forts and many other structures to keep your enemy at bay.

Brews and potions can also be made, giving you the edge coming up to a boss fight. It’s always handy to make some poison for your arrows also. Controls are simple enough and work well with a simple X for attack, Y for cutting, B for picking up and A for harvesting. You can harvest anything on the map from pumpkins to chunks of meat, mushrooms and other plants. All these items can be used for your brews and potions.

As you continue on with you journey, you encounter mini-missions. Collect 3 hyde or collect 5 sheep for example, doing this can net you more XP or other useful materials, maybe even summoning certain creatures that can assist you along your struggle to Asgard. So after all of this, what is the main point of the game? You need to brave the deep dungeons infested with armored skeletons, poisonous clouds, killer spiders and rats the size of yourself. These enemies – especially bosses – are very monumental and can fill your screen. I’m talking big bosses guys, and like I said before, you need to be prepared. But if successful you MIGHT receive a piece of broken fragment, a piece of the portal to finally open the gates of Valhalla and pass onto the next life. That being said even though these fights may be tough they are fun and intense, a true challenge for players who like just a thing. But if the enviable does happen, you will respawn away from your body and you are in control of your soul. You cannot take damage, pickup items or interact with anything during this time as you need to find your body where you died to revive and continue on retracing your steps if you have not crafted enough supplies back to the crafting idol.

Sound is fairly standard, I found that at the beginning of some hand drawn entrance clips that a slight static noise is mad and at first I jumped a mile with my headset on not expecting this. These problems are small and fixed relatively quickly so lets hope they crack onto that.


Neiffelheim is a good game for those that enjoy the foraging and building mechanics in games. With a superb art style and intriguing story, players will find they can put a lot of hours into this game and they’re going to need it. Being a little grindy the game will find homes with many players and received good reputation on PC builds.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.
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  • Hand drawn art style
  • Runs smooth
  • Intriguing story
  • Audio problems
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 5
Longevity - 6
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