JPep’s Wishlist of Games and Franchises that Need a Comeback

Skies of Arcadia

In my long years of gaming I’ve seen a lot of great titles come and go. Some are inspiring, some are fun, some offer serious challenge, and some are absolute works of art. The following is a list of past games that I feel deserve some modern attention. So here we go.

1. Number One with a bullet has got to be Skies of Arcadia. For me this game was absolutely epic. From the gameplay to the characters, the amazing storyline and the wonderful musical score. Originally for the Sega Dreamcast, Skies of Arcadia was also ported to the Nintendo GameCube. Ideally I would love to see a sequel along with an HD remaster, but would be happy to settle for a remaster alone. Maybe give the musical score some Hollywood blockbuster attention. This game was a perfect turn based RPG masterpiece.

2. Ikari Warriors was a top down vertically scrolling shooter that featured two player cooperative gameplay. I would love to see a new modern addition to this franchise in HD. Your characters had to march through the jungle blowing up enemy forts using machine guns and grenades, climb into tanks and helicopters. It was a real bulletstorm of a game that was a blast to play side by side with a friend.

3. Contra is another series due for a modern release. Classic side scrolling run and gun action. Of course you would still need to enter the Konami code to have a chance at completing an insanely hard game. At least if you’re playing alone. Personally I would love if they increased multiplayer to four players. And share the allotment of extra lives to all players in the group. This would force players to really have to protect one another. Up up down down left right left right B A B A forever!

4. Ok I’m going a bit obscure here but I would love to see Adventure from the Atari 2600 get some modern love. Take the same treasure hunting, dragon slaying, exploration premise of the original and wrap it up in a modern aesthetic worthy of the cover art that captured the imaginations of us old school gamers all those years ago.

5. Another title I would love to see revived (and actually concluded) is Swordquest. This is a dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, adventure game, I should say games as it was scheduled for four installments. I’ve only played the first two, Earth world and Fire world.

Water world had a limited release and Air World, sadly, was never made. The story line played out in a series of Comic books that were included inside each of the games box. Hidden among the pages were clues to solving the puzzles in the game. It was actually quite an intriguing approach in the early days of video games.

Please share your comments. Agree, disagree, add a few thoughts if your own. Let us know if you’d like to see more lists like this in the future.

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