Author: Joe Pepek

Born in New Jersey across the Hudson from Manhattan, I've been playing games for over 30 years. I can confidently say that I've played at least one game on every console ever made. An accomplished Forza artist, I enjoy racing games, platformer/puzzlers, adventure/RPG's, sports titles, and arcade shooters, although I have been known to play some FPS's on occasion. JPep715 on Xbox and jpepek715 on Twitch, feel free to add or give me a follow.

9.6 Excellent

GRID Review

8.4 Great

Nascar Heat 4 Review

8.5 Great

WRC 8 Review

9 Excellent
8.1 Great

Wreckfest Review

7.6 Good

Madden 20 Review

6.5 Okay

Pilot Sports Review

7.5 Good

Mighty Switch Force Collection Review

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