Best Co-op Games to Play on Xbox One

Sometimes, the best way to play a game is alongside your nearest and dearest. I’m always open to some good old co-op fun and there’s no denying that empowering feeling that a game can relay when you and your friends team up and work hard to earn your reward. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top ten co-op games that are available on the Xbox One. It wasn’t an easy list to put together seeing as there’s no shortage of excellent games to select from, but we’ve come out quite happy with the ten that we’ve chosen.

A Way Out – Trailer

A Way Out is a unique type of co-op game, or at the very least, a different one. This game was designed specifically for co-op play via local or online functionality. Players take on the role of either Leo or Vincent, two convicted prisoners who must break out of prison and remain on the run from authorities. What makes this game stand out is its fluidity and its story telling, which is bolstered further by the fact that the game houses some truly interesting puzzle sections. If you’ve yet to pick this up, I fully recommend giving it a try.

Diablo III – Trailer

Hands down the best dungeon crawler this gen. Much like the game’s immediate predecessors, Diablo III has a handful of players moving through the game’s story whilst tacking a dizzying array of enemies and bosses. There’s no shortage of loot to seek out and there’s plenty of different classes and abilities to make use of. Blizzard’s post launch support has been outstanding, going so far as to throw in events that take players back to the roots of the series. If there’s one dungeon crawler you play this gen, be sure to make it Diablo III.

Monster Hunter World – Trailer

This is a game that needs no introduction, in fact, you can learn a bit more about the series right here from out latest team member Lloyd. Monster Hunter World throws players together and pits them up against some devastating beasts. The core formula consists of killing monsters, using their remains as gear, and then going on to kill even tougher monsters. It’s an empowering game that actually makes the grind really fun. Like our man Lloyd says, don’t be afraid of the franchise, Monster Hunter World deserves your attention.

Overcooked – Trailer

One of my favorite co-op games of the gen so far, and with that in mind, its sequel too. Overcooked throws players into the roles of chefs and tasks them with preparing, cooking and cleaning up. The game will constantly throw new fun and exciting challenges your way, such as cooking on an open highway, preparing food in a haunted house or having rats come and steal your meals. It’s certainly not an easy game to get through but it does indeed get simpler with more players. Pick this up, really, you just must.

Far Cry 5 – Trailer

Far Cry 5 is easily one of the best games in the series. The story, the setting, the gameplay structure and each and every interesting character within, makes for one hell of a powerful experience. The implemented co-op could have been better formatted, but it simply has to be said that Far Cry 5 offers nonstop action and carnage, each and every second within. It helps, of course, that the game looks absolutely stunning throughout all of its distinct environments. Rounding all of that off is some vastly interesting post-launch DLC.

Minecraft – Trailer

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, what a game this is. There’s always something so soothing about playing this game and I cant quite put my finger on what that is. Still, it’s one of the most played games of all time and it helps that it’s massively accessible; being available on a wide range of devices whilst supporting cross-play functionality. The aim of the game, for those that don’t know? Well, it’s wonderfully simple, you just build. Build a mansion, a castle, a working factory, a graveyard, anything. There’s no limit as to what you can create.

Destiny 2 – Trailer

This game, despite hurting me with its piss poor DLC, is well worth your time if you’re on the market for a new co-op shooter. The base game took everything that worked in Destiny and built on it, at the same time as restructuring the elements that didn’t work in Destiny. The end result made for a compelling story-driven shooter that was really only ever let down by its aforementioned post-launch roadmap. However, the game’s first major expansion hit all the right spots, making it a great time to dive in and enjoy.

Full Metal Furies – Trailer

From the creators of the fantastic Rogue Legacy comes Full Metal Furies. Full Metal Furies sadly didn’t take off quite as well as one would have hoped, but that’s not to say that the game isn’t worth your time. The game is a team-based brawler that puts players into the roles of different classes as they seek out to obliterate enemy titan forces across a range of different stages and worlds. There’s a heap of secret puzzles thrown in and support for both local and online co-op play. Ignore that lack of popularity here, FmF is a very robust game.

Sea of Thieves – Trailer

I’m a sucker for Sea of Thieves, I really am. Sea of Thieves is a great addition to your co-op game library and it helps that the premise, and the aim of the game is so simple to soak up. Group up with other players, pick up some voyages and set off in search of treasure and goods. Each and every element of the game has been designed with co-op in mind, from the way the ships handle right down to digging up treasure. Not only that, but Rare has massively updated the game since launch. It’s an entirely different beast now.

The Division – Trailer

Much like Diablo III, this is an older one. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t worth your time and attention, especially if you’re interested in taking on the sequel. The Division centers around a smallpox pandemic, a virus that was purposely spread throughout the city of New York. Months later, Division agents are sent in to clear out bad elements and restore order to the crumbling city. This is one of Xbox One’s most tactical shooters that supports co-op, so if that tickles your fancy, be sure to look deeper into this, or its newly released sequel.

So there you have it folks, our top ten co-op games available on the Xbox One. We’ve made the list as diverse as can be, which is why it was so tough to come to, but any of these titles outlined above will deliver you some epic co-op fun in one form or another. Monster Hunter World gets a very special mention here, simply because of its depth, its uniqueness and its longevity. What about you? Do you agree with the list? Would you have swapped a few titles out for other games? Feel free to sound off loud in the comments to make yourselves heard

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