Chorus Review

An action RPG space-combat game that pushes most of the right buttons. The flight and the combat in Chorus feel great and are tons of fun; however, the story hinders the experience at times.

8.6 Great

Tinker Racer Review

Does this micro racer tinker with a winning formula?

7 Good

Cant Drive This Review

Cant Drive This is a coop puzzle racing game with ALOT of frantic mayhem mixed in. You can either make it easy or hard for your teammates.

8 Great

Liftoff: Drone Racing Review

Can this drone flying sim nail the landing?

7.5 Good

Star Wars: Squadron Review

Taking on one of the coolest parts of the Star Wars universe - flying those awesome ships - can Motive's latest soar high?

7.5 Good

The Last Scape Review

Some impressive sounding tech is in use here, but can it deliver a worthwhile gameplay experience?

2 Awful

Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly Review

Can this multiplayer dog-fighting title keep us entertained while we're stuck indoors?

5.8 Average

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