EKSA E900 Stereo Headset Review

Manufacturer: EKSA
Where to Buy: Amazon (Affiliate Link)
RRP: £29.99

There is no shortage of options for players out there when it comes to audio equipment; whether you prefer a room encompassing surround sound system or the more discreet nature of headphones, any desire can be easily met – for the right price. I’ve always been a headset guy at heart, and have been lucky enough to sample products from across the board. The latest pair provided to us here at Xbox Tavern are the EKSA E900 Stereo Headset, a budget orientated set that provide a great sound at a more than fair price.

First impressions are good, with a stylish red and black aesthetic that, while not exactly subtle, doesn’t over load the eyes with colours and shapes. For my money, it’s one of the better looking sets I’ve tried, and there also appears to be a few colour variations available too (though as of writing, anything other than red/black is double the price on Amazon). A long 3.5mm jack cable comes out from the left ear, with a volume rocker (huzzah!) on it, enabling quick and easy volume control. This also has the mic mute toggle on it that has a solid feel, meaning it’s unlikely to be knocked accidentally. Also included is a surprisingly nice faux-leather carry pouch and splitter cable to let you plug in 2 sets of headphones to one device, which is a nice touch, and not one I’ve seen in other sets I’ve used.

The headphones themselves have a protective padding surrounding the headband that has a decent amount of cushioning, while the ear cups are made with “super-soft protein foam”, and feel nice to wear. I have quite a large head and did find that I had to extend the headband to the max to fit, which is not something I have to do all that often with other sets, but others in my household fit them well with no issue.  That’s not to say they weren’t comfortable, but I thought it worth mentioning.

A noise-cancelling, detachable mic is included that offers up good clarity on voice chat. I did feel this to be a tad on the short side too as it sat to the side of my mouth rather than round to the front; a case of personal preference again, but I felt like I needed to speak a little louder than I usually would for it to pick me up properly.

On to the sound quality itself, for a cheaper unit I was impressed with the volume and bass here for sure. It went far louder than I expected, so much so that I often only had the rocker set to about half way with the console audio sliders set to the max. There’s a beefy feel to the sound that accentuates the bass nicely (again something I’m a fan of in audio set-ups), and in playing the CrossfireX  beta with this on I was able to appreciate the explosive nature of that titles gunplay. The surround solution here works well, those 50mm drivers helping to more accurately decipher where shots were ringing out from. Some of the clarity isn’t quite there on the higher frequencies, with the bass and volume dulling the finer background details at times – a tell-tale sound of a clip dropping out of a gun for example – but they are still vastly better suited to gaming than TV speakers.


The EKSA E900 Stereo Headset is a budget set of headphones that does a good job of punching above their weight in terms of look, feel and sound. Some of the higher notes can get drowned out a little at times, but that’s the only real niggle I can find with them. If you’re after a new pair of headphones that won’t break the bank, I think you’d be hard pressed to find much better quality at the same price point.

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Hardware purchased for review.
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  • Nice design
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Bass levels and volume are solid
  • Carry pouch and splitter a nice touch
  • Can drown out some of the finer detail
  • Headband isn't quite as extendable as other sets
Usability - 8.5
Design - 9
Durability - 9
Value for Money - 9
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