PDP Gaming LVL 50 Wireless Headset Review

Manufacturer: PDP
Where to Buy: Amazon (Disclosure: Affiliate Link)
RRP: $79.99

Having only previously used a wired headset, using a wireless headset was always going to be an improvement as it provides you with more freedom. This headset from PDP is a decent specimen and contains all the bells and whistles you would like and expect with a gaming headset. It has numerous great key features, starting off by having a real no-nonsense setup. I plugged the USB receiver into the Xbox, held the power button onto the headset and boom, I was connected within seconds. No separate pairing or holding specific buttons, you just turn it on, and it finds the receiver automatically and very promptly.

The next key feature to mention is the volume control dials. We have a dial on one side to control the master volume of the headset. The dial on the other side is for the balance of game audio and game chat. This is a good feature and allows for changing on the fly if you need to hear the game over the party chat or vice versa. It works nice and seamlessly, although you can catch yourself out early on if you forget which side the master volume is on. I accidentally had the dial fully turned to team chat so I couldn’t hear the game and turned the other dial fully up as I could barely hear my game. I then played with the other dial and when I turned it the other way to just the game audio, I almost blew my head off. It’s nice to know the headset can go loud for those that need or prefer it! But it was a lesson I only needed to learn once before I got to grips with which dial is which.

Regarding the most important factor – the audio quality – I can say the LVL 50 headset is strong on this front. The audio comes through nice and crisp, while I did not detect any crackle or hum, which can be common with wireless or Bluetooth headsets. The volume can be attuned to your own preference and I have no issue with the quality. The headset also has a cool bass boost feature for those that enjoy their audio with a stronger bass sound, – a camp I fall in to.

The microphone on the headset is cleverly adjustable so that when the mic is in a vertical position the mic is muted. When you lower it to your mouth it automatically switches on. The microphone stick is very flexible and adjustable, allowing you to get it as close to your mouth as you prefer. I would say it can be difficult to optimise the location of the mic, as the smallest fractions make a lot of difference. I had the mic quite close to my mouth when I recorded a message and when I listened to it back it was quite faint. I thought it might have been due to the dial to control the audio chat but that was not the case. I moved the headset ever so slightly closer to my mouth and rerecorded the message and then when I listened back it sounded like I was shouting. It’s impressive to see how well the microphone can capture the sound and block out other peripheral sounds but it can lead to you having to fiddle with the mic positioning when you are on a gaming session with your friends.

The other important factor when looking to find the right headset is how comfortable it is and usually, I struggle with the larger headsets as after a while the pressure against my ears leaves them feeling a little sore. But with the LVL 50 I found the shape and cushioning feel great. I don’t feel much – if any – pressure on my ears whilst playing and even after my gaming session when I remove them my ears are pain-free. The headset is adjustable for the various head sizes so it should be able to fit the majority of people comfortably, and it’s not too heavy that it suffers from slipping from your ears or head.


The LVL 50 is light for a large headset and very comfortable. The audio quality is great and the dials which allow you to alter the volume on the fly are very handy. The bass boost is a nice touch and the mic sensitivity and quality is also top-notch. There may be a few times where you may need to fiddle with the dials and mic position but that doesn’t spoil what is a quality headset.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Headset provided by the publisher.
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  • Great sound quality
  • Accurate and sensitive mic
  • Feels and looks premium quality
  • Very comfortable on the ears
  • Dials can be fiddly at first
  • Mic positioning can take some getting used to
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9.5
Longevity - 9
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