Daniel Eustace’s Top 3 Games of the Xbox One Generation

When I think of the Xbox One and my favourite games of the generation, I have to think back almost 7 years worth of games. Picking a top 3 is going to be hard, but I’m going to be weighing this up in 2 different categories; Great stories and fun with friends.

3) Titanfall

My 3rd game was a very hard toss up between Titanfall and Tom Clancy’s The Division.  This was for me, maybe a generation defining game. This was the best multiplayer, “single player” campaign. The feeling of dropping your Titan in the battlefield and watching the animation of the Titan picking up you “their” pilot and seeing the monitors turn on within your Titan, was  truly jaw dropping. If you haven’t picked up Titanfall, it’s coming to Game Pass Ultimate with the inclusion of EA Play within the subscription. Play it, it’s worth your time, trust me.

2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This was the first single player campaign that I truly felt pushed the video game genre into a almost movie-style story. The story was so gripping, with heart wrenching decisions that made you think twice about how your moral compass would point too. The gameplay might not have had as much reinvention but when it’s already this solid that’s hardly a bad thing.

1) Apex Legends

Fortnite is arguably the biggest Battle Royale game of the console generation. However over the course of Apex Legends life something has just clicked with me. From the wonderful fast paced action, to their writing team creating in-depth back stories (which I might add hasn’t happened in BR games still) to their battle pass which has some beautiful skins, this in my opinion has been one of the most enjoyable games this generation, with or without friends.

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Gaming used to be about playing Championship Manager ,but then I was introduced to consoles and I fell in love with Xbox 360. Xbox has always been my console of choice. Catch me on Apex or Call of Duty. Gamertag/Twitter: Chocolatebear80

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