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FIFA’s Ultimate Team can be an expensive grind, but in anticipation of this years FIFA 22 we decided to reach out to some FIFA Trader’s to try and give you a leg up in time for release.

Welcome to FIFA 22 Trading Tips. We had the pleasure of speaking with Trader Ati (@AtiiFut on Twitter) and he has created this guide for all you FIFA Ultimate Team players. Take it away Ati:

So you’re probably wondering how do you buy those expensive players on FIFA Ultimate Team without actually spending any money on the game, and what exactly should you be doing once the game launches? Luckily for you, I am here to help you answer those questions.

My names Ati and I am a FUT trader. You can find me on Twitter by searching for my account @AtiiFut where I provide numerous tips and investments for people to make that result in coins being made and help you obtain the very high end and expensive players on FIFA every year, so be sure to follow if you want to make loads of coins this year. 

So let’s get into this, starting with 5 things you will want to be doing when you start up FUT for the first time. 

Starter Nation

When you login to FUT for the first time, you will be given a selection of nations to choose from, which your starter team will be based upon. The best nations to go for would be England, Argentina, Brazil or Germany. This is for chemistry purposes in SBC’s, as you want the best players that link to each other and will help you complete  squad building challenges for rewards.

Loan Player Pick

An option of choosing a loan player for a small amount of games is given after you see your starter team. Make sure to choose an attacker, as the opponents you will face will more than likely have weak players in defence, so getting an option of someone like Heung-Min Son to use for 5 games will boost your team in beating that defence and increases the chances of you winning your games to get those objective rewards for packs and coins.

Starter Packs

Starter packs are granted to users at the beginning of the game when they first login. The goal here is to maximise your coins as early as possible, due to players rising once more packs are opened and people get more coins onto their accounts. From the three types of packs you get of Bronze, Silver and Gold, make sure not to quick sell any players. Check the market price for each card and list them as random cards have good selling prices due to being required in SBC solutions, whilst holding onto any high tier cards if packed from the gold packs. These would particularly be meta players as they will be in demand once more coins are injected into the game and then will rise in price. 

Complete SBC’s

Once you have opened all your packs and gone through the initial starting phase, this is where you want to begin to make some coins. Go to SBC’s and complete all the ones that offer out packs and player picks from the basic tab, then go to the advanced tab and aim to complete them all. Those packs from the advanced tab are worth more than what the cost usually is, especially if you manage to pack a few cards to use in them that are untradable. They offer out tradable pack rewards which will help you make some coins as you can sell the players you obtain onto the market.

Objectives and Trading

The final aspect of starting off on FUT is completing the objectives for packs to improve your team, whilst putting your coins into cards that will be in demand as soon as possible. Objectives offer out huge pack rewards for untradeable players that once completed, you can open the pack and improve your team if you pack some good players, or throw some cards into high end SBC’s to obtain further rewards. Alongside this, you should be using the coins you have built up from the start to look at the market. At the start of FUT, players sell extremely cheaply due to not many people having a lot of coins. A couple of examples would be during FIFA 21, Cristiano Ronaldo sold for 500k and rose to over 1 million coins a week later, meanwhile Anthony Martial was 30k the first 2 days and rose to 150k a week later. Look for meta cards and aim to throw your coins into them and don’t be afraid to empty your club by selling your tradable players if they are not meta as you will most likely be able to sell them to put coins into meta players and return a higher profit margin.

With that said, we have now established an understanding on how to approach the start of FUT. Be sure to follow the guide and you will be able to have a great start to the game and start from a solid foundation. To finish off however, I will give a few tips on how to make coins over the duration of the game. Here are a couple of tips you can use which will help increase your coin balance during FIFA 22.

Fodder Investing

Buying fodder, otherwise known as cards that will be required in solutions, is one of the simplest ways of making coins. The simplest ones would be by looking at previous years SBC’s that were released, for example during Black Friday, there has always been a TOTW Guaranteed SBC after all the packs that are opened. Buying fodder that will be required, in this case 83 and 84 overall cards from the top 5 leagues with good links to provide chemistry in the solution, end up rising and you can then sell them for profit. There are numerous SBCs that drop over the year and capitalising on them by preparing yourself on buying cards people will need to help you make some coins.

OOP Buying

OOP Buying, known as ‘Out Of Pack’ buying, is where you purchase a card that is going out of packs, which reduces supply and with the right demand, causes the card to rise in price. This method works well with special cards, or meta cards as well as cards required in SBC solutions. An example would be Raphael Varane, who is one of the most used CBs in the game, getting a TOTW card. This would mean his regular gold card would no longer be in packs for the week that his IF is in packs, so there is no supply for that week. However, people still want to use him so will continue to buy him off the market, however since there is more demand than supply, it will raise the price of the card. The best way to use this method is by focusing on TOTW predictions. If you notice a player like Rashford has scored a hattrick and therefore is almost guaranteed to be in TOTW, go purchase a couple of his gold cards and then sell once he has gone out of packs for the week as he will rise in price.

Thank you for reading through this guide on how to approach the start of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, along with how to make a bit of extra coins through trading. If you want tips every day throughout FIFA 22, be sure to follow me on Twitter, @AtiiFut and turn on tweet notifications as I do giveaways along with drop spaces for my private trading discord where you can get 1 to 1 help with trading and join a community of traders. Hope you all have a nice day.

Thank you to AtiiFut for helping our readers get off to a good start in FIFA 22.

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