Product Reviews

PDP MARS LightGun Review

PDP aim to bring the lost art of the lightgun to modern audiences. Can their solution capture the same arcade thrills of old, or is it merely a pale imitation?

9 Excellent

Victrix Pro AF Headset Review

Coming in as the streamlined version of the PRO AF ANC, will this set keep the high standards that Victrix are known for?

9.3 Excellent

PuroGamer Headset Review

Puro bring us their first set of gamer focused headphones - how do they fare in a competitive market?

8.8 Great

Next Level Racing Challenger Racing Cockpit Review

Next Level Racing are back, with this hefty bit of kit. But, is bigger always better?

9 Excellent

snakebyte – HEAD:SET X PRO Review

When it comes to gaming, selecting the right headset is imperative. What that in mind, how does snakebyte's HEAD:SET X PRO perform?

8 Great

Next Level Racing – Wheel Stand Racer Review

Up next for review is the Wheel Stand Racer by Next Level Racing. In the box comes everything you need for an ultra basic racing sim cockpit.

9 Excellent

BraZen – Puma Gaming Chair Review

Comfort is everything when you're gaming. If you're not cozy, you're not in the zone. That said, how does BraZen's Puma Gaming Chair feel?

8.5 Great

Turtle Beach – Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset Review

When it come to gaming, a solid headset can make the world of difference. Where does Turtle Beach's Recon 200 headset sit in that spectrum?

9 Excellent

Turtle Beach – Recon 70 Headset Review

Turtle Beach are well known for their craft, being responsible for many of the market's leading gaming headsets. How does the Recon 70 shape up?

8.5 Great

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