Product Reviews

PowerA – Enhanced Wired Controller – Xbox One Review

Finding the right controller can be a tough task. Does PowerA's affordable and flexible Enhanced Wired Controller tick the right boxes?

8 Great – ATOM™ Black Edition Gaming Chair Review

When you're gaming, comfort is everything. If you're not comfy, you're distracted. Does Abroco's Atom - Black Edition Gaming Chair put you in the zone?

8.5 Great

Turtle Beach Atlas One Headset Review

Often a matter of taste, the overwhelming number of options for headsets in both the console and gaming space means there is something for everyone, is this for you?

8.5 Great

Soundblaster X G6 Review

Creative’s new Sound Blaster X G6 is a product custom built for those gamers that want to boost their competitive skills and enhance their gaming experience.

8 Great

PDP Afterglow AG9+ Review

When it comes to picking a headset, it can be pretty tough to choose the right kit. How does the PDP Afterglow AG9+ stack up?

8.2 Great

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 Headset Review

Given the wide variety of options available on the market, it can be hard finding a decent headset. How does the Stealth 300 stack up?

8.5 Great
Razer Wolv TE

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Controller Review

Razer tends to offer up top quality products at a reasonable asking price. We take to Razer's Wolvering Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller.

9.4 Excellent
Razer Atrox

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick for Xbox One – Review

Looking to take your fighting skills to the next level? You're going to need a solid arcade stick to get the job done. We review Razer's Atrox Arcade Stick.

9.1 Excellent
Snakebyte Gaming:Seat

Snakebyte Gaming:Seat Review

When it comes to gaming, comfort is everything. If you're not comfy, you're not in the zone. Take a look at our review of Snakebyte's new Gaming:Seat.

8.8 Great

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