Car Demolition Clicker Review

Car Demolition Clicker is a game entirely about destroying cars by clicking on them, developed by Blue Sunset Games and Console Labs, and was published by Ultimate Games. The game is about inflicting as much damage as fast as possible. For every point in damage you deal, you receive back money to buy upgrades. The player can have up to 3 drones and one totem which helps generate money every 5 seconds. All the upgrades for your weapons or drones are a step up from the previous version, but we only start with a weapon in the beginning. Once a drone or weapon is a max level, it then can be upgraded to a better version. The drones just receive faster fire rate or an extra gun attached, but you are given a choice between two weapons to pick from each time you max out a weapon. All upgrades though increase your damage per sec so it’s never a bad upgrade.

There are also abilities to purchase when fully levelling up a drone to a new version. These abilities aren’t that amazing and are more of a distraction, the player should be spending all of their diamonds they earn on weapons only and saving them for when you reset again. I made the mistake on buying these abilities and wasted some of my precious resources. Once drones have been upgraded, the player can spend their hard-earned diamonds on abilities that buff the drones. Diamonds are sometimes earned after beating a boss, but not guaranteed. This means you can’t beat the final levels on your first go around since you don’t dish out enough damage. You have to reset the game and in doing so, you can start again with an extra damage multiplier. It’s only 1.2 but does add up the more you reset the game.

This brings me to the gameplay; it’s composed of a dozen levels you must click or idle your way through with each level having so many cars to destroy. However, there are bosses you come across at the end of each level and they can disable your drones temporarily making it harder to just idle with drones. All the bosses dwindle your health down which you only have during boss battles and they also have amour attached, giving them an extra layer of health. So, it’s a matter of increasing your damage per second as high as you can and resetting for more damage buffs and more diamonds.

To progress in the game, the player needs to click through all the levels which appear on the pin up board, which acts as mission select, after loading up the game. The gameplay is just clicking a car to destroy pieces of it with each piece having only a small percentage of the car’s total health, meaning you can have a car nearly destroyed and deal no damage to it until you find whatever piece that has the remaining health. The cars are always facing the same direction, and only the front left side viewable is the side to destroy. The camera angle is also locked so no need worrying about moving around.

The weapons much later on in the game are significantly better since their Damage per second is much higher with higher faster rate. This means you don’t have to be clicking the entire time, rather just holding the ‘A’ button down. Although, each weapon can be different with their fire rate being semi or automatic, and there are a large variety. Some being real weapons and other being science fiction guns. With each boss defeated is another diamond, and you have to save them up as they are a rare currency and the weapons really become expensive near the end. For the full completion obtaining all achievements, you’re looking at around 20 hours. This doesn’t sound so bad knowing most of it can be idled with a team of strong drones. You do have to be around to start a boss battle though, so you can’t walk away for a long period of time. There is also an endless mode where the player completes cycles (waves) of cars, then a boss before moving to the next cycle. On playthrough one, the highest cycle I reached in endless mode was twenty-one. It was very beneficial to go through the endless waves to help earn more money and build up total cars destroyed for more diamonds when resetting. For every 10 cars destroyed in your playthrough, you’ll receive one diamond upon reset.

Resetting the game can sound daunting, but it strengthens the overall damage output and the clicker can earn more diamonds. There are also three factions and quests to finish while playing. The factions are; The Lab Rats, The Mob, and The Observers. Each faction will help you with a certain playstyle and help save costs with upgrading your guns or drones. You pick a faction after beating the first mission and can’t pick another faction until resetting again. To even unlock The Observers, you must earn 50 faction points with the other two factions. Faction points come naturally with Progression as you destroy cars. The quests typically involve buying a single upgrade, or hitting the car so many times. There’s even one for not hitting the car, and the quests only last several seconds at most to finish the random pop-up objective. They are worth going for since they give a decent amount of money that scales with your general level and are extremely easy to do.

You can also spend money on perks which give a boost to the player. My personal favorite perk being barrel rain, but there are others that help with seeing or destroying car parts. Perks can give you an edge during a hard boss battle. Perks require money to use and are reusable and can also be repurchased seconds after using one. The last two levels that are in red compared to all the others on the pin up board, require multiple resets to even be strong enough to beat. The real kicker to completing this clicker is having to reset ten times to be able to reach the last weapon. That’s the only reason the game is estimated for 20 hours to unlock all the achievements. The rest of the achievements in the game will come naturally and early on.

The audio of the game is quite simple, the electric punk rock music never gets annoying, but the sound effects of shooting the vehicles can be obnoxious. Especially since multiple drones are shooting at it; the sounds of breaking glass and metal banging can drown out the otherwise, decent music for the game. All the guns make different noises, so there will be minor changes in sound while playing with new weapons. The graphics of this Clicker are nothing stunning, but a game such as this doesn’t require stellar graphics. The visuals are of areas that look like image stills and the only objects that have movement are the cars being hit and drones flying in a pattern. The bosses don’t move, but they do emit an electrical magnetic pulse, so there is a short list of animations for the game.


Car Demolition Clicker is a pick up and put down game, a game you play if you’re distracted and want to kill some time. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad game though. I was relieved when I discovered that I didn’t have to click my way through 20 gruesome hours. Upgrading my arsenal made me play a little bit more each time with the mindset of wanting to get stronger.  Adding factions help the player grind the resets out pretty quickly considering you only need to destroy fifty cars with a faction (plus ten per additional reset), but you do have to go through the levels again. I personally still have some achievements left in the game to unlock, but do plan on doing so since it’s a relaxing game to pick up in an awkward amount of free time, and is okay to leave running with no consequences.

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  • Pretty leisurely, not too complex to pick up
  • Reset function lets us power up to get further and further
  • Bland in the visual and audio department
  • Can become to much of a grind
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 5
Audio - 4
Longevity - 5
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