An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs Review

An Airport for Aliens is genuine comedy writing treat with some of the best characters since Lucasarts’ greats. But how does the genre play in an open world format?

7 Good

Cosmic Top Secret Review

Cosmic Top Secret is a game about secrets, the question then becomes whether the truth is worth knowing.

6 Okay

PUSS! Review

Can this utter madness prove to be a good time?

7.6 Good

Car Demolition Clicker Review

The clicker genre goes all over the place: will clicking to destroy various vehicles provide a fun distraction?

5.3 Average

The Childs Sight Review

Can viewing the world from a baby's perspective lend this creepy tile some extra weight?

4.5 Poor

Stories Untold Review

Is a strong narrative enough to make up for the lack of 'traditional' gameplay?

7.5 Good

Roommates Review

Will this college life-based visual novel have you partying wildly, or putting it to bed before the night begins?

5.8 Average

Brunch Club Review

Multiplayer physics + food = a big mess, or deliciously good time?

8.9 Great

Gaijin Charenji 1 : Kiss or Kill Review

I just... there are no words to accurately sum anything about this title up in this little blurb.

6.1 Okay

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