Stab Stab Stab! Review

Stab Stab Stab! is a local multiplayer battle fest with fleshbirds which seem to be a hybrid of a small bird and a crane fly. The graphics and audio are quite basic and simple to match the controls so anyone can attempt to play it. 

There is no story here or an explanation of how these fleshbirds came into existence. These hostile clumsy bird spiders just want to battle and, as the title suggests, stab their enemies. The are only two options on offer, the first being standard versus battle mode with up to 8 players, which can be a combination of CPU opponents or friends. There is only local play on offer, so good luck finding 7 other friends to play this with at your home. You can play with the options to have a life stock battle for survival play, or a time limit battle. You can also play with game tweaks such as regeneration, or more frequent powerups and how long the powerups last.

The battles themselves are a bit of horror show of chaos and guesswork. It has a strong Gang Beasts vibe, with the controls being either non-responsive or too confusing. There isn’t much to the controls with only the two analogue sticks and one button being used. But getting your fleshbird to do what you want is another thing. Either jumping or trying to get any momentum is a struggle and you just end up chaotically bouncing around. The powerups/mutations feel semi redundant as by the time you actually collect one you are either killed by an enemy or by something on the map.

The mutations could be something like gaining extra spikes to stab your enemy with, having more legs (which I am not sure helps), making your spike turn red hot to hurt enemies quicker and make your body lumpy (which I am not sure how it helps). There are many other mutations but there isn’t many that seem to gain you an advantage. The most effective tactic in this game is pretty much staying still. Moving is the biggest challenge as you seem to float and bounce around the place, but with spikes, grinders and other map based dangers the map itself is the highest scorer of kills every time.  

The only other game mode is survival, where you and either local friend or CPU friends’ team up to take out waves of enemies. The enemies get a bit tougher as the wave number increases but it still is the same game with clumsy controls and always descends into chaos. The survival ends when all members of your team are defeated. You can respawn if you are quick enough, but the enjoyment wears thin quite quickly.  


There really isn’t much to Stab Stab Stab!. There visuals aren’t overly interesting, there aren’t many gameplay modes, there isn’t much fun to be had and there isn’t much chance this game will live long in anyone’s memory. If you enjoyed Gang Beasts or any quick local multiplayer games which don’t take much explaining, then you may get a couple of hours out of this, but even that may be a stretch.

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  • Simple Controls
  • Up to 8 players
  • Character movement is unruly
  • Mutations/powerups don’t help or make sense
  • Gets old quite quickly
Gameplay - 3
Graphics - 3
Audio - 3
Longevity - 3
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Gaming, or, games in general, are in my blood. Just shy of an addiction but still an obsession. From opening my mind on the Commodore 64 I have kept up with the generations of gaming, currently residing on the Xbox One. Gamertag: Grahamreaper

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  1. You shouldn’t be allowed near video games If you rate STAB STAB STAB below an 8.


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