Sea of Thieves Season One Impressions

Ahoy me hearties, a familiar term used and known now around the world due to the ever growing multiplayer game Sea Of Thieves. Now is as good a time as any to dolphin dive head first into this beautiful world. With the newly added Season One and Plunder Pass, you can be sure you will be satisfied with three months of new items, cosmetics and voyage present in this particular update. So, what does this update entail? From the official source:

Season One

Offering up to 100 levels of renown which is earnt by accomplishing everyday activities to daring feats out on the seas, you will see yourself earning rewards a plenty including new emotes and the season one shipset all for free . Everything from discovering treasure washed from sea to shooting from cannons can earn you renown as you try the be the best pirate you can be. Sailing will accumulate nautical renown and acquiring the soul flames on the ferry will do the same.

Plunder Pass

By paying a little extra and you will have the chance to earn extra prime cosmetics from the pirate emporium while you make your way to 100 renown in the form of the Dark Warsmith weapons and the sliver skull sails which are available till the end of season one. These items will also be available to purchase after season one in the Pirate emporium


The latest addition to new voyages brings the search of ships lost at sea and returning the sunken cargo. Upon starting this new voyage, a map is provided with a route showing where the ship was supposed to sail, but never made it. Following this route you must search for the sunken vessel, and retrieve the lost cargo earning great rewards towards your merchant alliance reputation. Look with that key ?

Items and cosmetics

New items and cosmetics have made their way to the seas. The Dark Adventurer set offers a sexy and sinister feel to the already known weapons and tools which we hold close to our chest. Spouting a deep red and purple on grey look (cherry ripe), these will see a pirate to victory on any voyage. Also for the legends there is the new Pirate Legend curse and other legend rewards to work towards. And if that’s not enough there is also the new Lunar weapons set, weapon emotes, ship set and costumes to go check out.


Along with all this comes a new event, the champion of souls where you can earn further sails and the new order of souls weapons on completion. Tasks like destroying ghost fleets and skelly lords should suffice for these rewards.

Arena changes

The arena has had some mixed opinions as of late with the open mic voice chat to other crews being taken away. No longer will you here other pirates in arena unless they are on your crew.

Personal Opinion

Being a Sea Of Thieves veteran and playing since launch I have a mostly positive feel for the latest update. The addition of the Plunder Pass I feel is a good thing, supporting the game I enjoy more then ever and play on a regular basis, maybe with some extra support we can see those world changes we truly want to see. Bringing this type of update to the game feels about right. I mean for a system like this you need a lot of things to do within it and to be fair Sea Of Thieves in the past has lacked on “Things to do” until now. The fact that this update (Seasons) is coming now hopefully signifies that now the game is here. This is the true start. This is the time we can start talking new areas, brand new tools and mechanics. The base game is in affect.

Arenas new changes are a mixed bag atm. Now not having to hear other pirates unless on your crew? I do understand why Rare took this away. I have been in Arena a lot and some of the constant dribble that spews from gamers today is unbearable, but at the same time I have come across and met some great friends which I still play adventure with today from time to time. I heard of people telling stories of karaoke and telling jokes while on a quiet server. Unfortunately it’s that rowdy percentage that wrecks things for everyone, and sometimes there is only one way to go about it; get rid of it.

I have in the past heard of rehashing old content, doing the same thing over and over, nothing is new. But I feel that was because the team was not ready to go all out just yet. Now, it seems the team is pushing for people to complete the content provided. I noticed a trend happening back when the Lords and Ashen fleets arrived. Not so many people were completing them and now it seems some of the events are based on those particular updates – strange that, isn’t it. The team will always try to keep us up to date so it seems. And remembering Sea of Thieves is a new game from the ground up, they needed time to get these older updates finely tuned and ready for now.

I see good things for Sea Of Thieves in the future. Great things even, but we may just have to wait a bit longer for those massive, world changes. We’ve seen the secrets hidden throughout the world and what can or will come I just believe it’s a matter of them building it right, And besides, who doesn’t like a bit of anticipation? I’ve myself have been playing because I want to sail out of the pirate hideout through the waterfall and up into the sea like the Goonies, but for something like that I feel I will be playing much longer than anticipated and for me that’s no bad thing. The constant beauty, fun, and fights keep me playing now and I will be forever grateful for new friendships and top gamers I have met along the way.

Cheers to all you good pirates!

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  1. Items and cosmetics

    New items and cosmetics have made there way to the seas.

    *their way

    • That’ll teach me for trusting the official source stuff lol – thanks for pointing it out 🙂


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