Sades FPower Stereo Headset Review

Manufacturer: SADES
Where to Buy: Amazon
RRP: £32.97

As I’ve stated before, if you’re at all serious about your game time then a headset really is the way to go. It allows you to be closed off from worldly distractions (lord knows, we need that these days) and really pick up fine details that might otherwise get lost through a surround sound system, or out of the TV speaker. There are a plethora of options on the market, but SADES have proven to be one of the more reliable brands out there for great sounding, affordable headphones. I got the opportunity to review their FPOWER set, and came away mightily impressed.

Initial impressions are good; the large ear cups sport a nice matte black finish with a striking blue highlight, while the actual inner section features memory foam earmuffs that are soft to the touch and, more importantly, very comfortable to wear for even long sessions. There’s a good amount of range on the similarly style headband, even going a bit beyond my needs to fit my big head. The included mic has a chunky slot to fit into, and it even comes with a splitter cable for PC users. The 3.5mm jack has an L-type plug at the end of a 1.2m cable that feels very robust and unlikely to get bent or damaged easily.

The FPOWER looks and feels good then, but how about its audio quality? Well, for a cheaper set it still manages to knock out some excellent sound. It’s certainly not going to rival the top end sets that sell for ten times as much for true depth, but it still  handles high, low, and mid-range effects very well, with no noticeable distortion or lack of clarity. I personally prefer a bit more of a bass-y sound to my audio and while the FPOWER doesn’t quite go as rumble-tastic as that, it’s still capable of giving your ears a good workout!

Please give it up for my handsome model. Well, it’s not like he’s doing much else anytime soon…

During testing I played Eat The Bullet, which has a thunderous soundtrack; the FPOWER handled the crunching guitars and kick drums brilliantly. On the cable we have a volume rocker that, at its max, turns things up to an almost overbearing level – don’t get me wrong, I consider that a plus! Again, even at that volume the sound quality was still excellent, and I only turned it down at the behest of my wife, who could every little detail too – from across the room. The surround sound solution here works great, and I’d even go so far as to say that I found these some of the better set’s I’ve used in terms of my performance on something like Fortnite. It was easy to tell when an enemy was nearby, and pin point their location as they foolishly sprinted around a corner.

The mic features a good level of clarity too, and despite it not quite feeling as though it was in the right place in relation to my mouth, still picked up my voice chatter with no issues. I’ve noted this before in other reviews, but it feels to me a little too short; almost like I need to crease my mouth to the side to get to it. Again, in practice this is a personal preference and over the weekend I had no complaints from my team mates – at least, regarding being able to hear me… A mute toggle is also featured on the volume rocker section of the cable, and is easy enough to switch while not so easy to knock accidentally.


SADES have done it again; the FPOWER is another solid entry into the gaming headphone market that sounds and looks great while being very affordable. Highly recommended, especially if you’re seeking something to give you an edge in online titles, that won’t cost and arm and a leg.

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  • Top notch sound, with clear, detailed audio
  • Cool design
  • Very comfortable to use, even on longer sessions
  • Great value for money
  • Good sounding mic...
  • ...even though it feels like it's not quite long enough
Usability - 9.2
Design - 9.4
Durability - 9
Value For Money - 9.5
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