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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Review

Ubisoft's attempt at bringing back Toys-to-Life is a brave move indeed, but have they missed their window, or does this breathe new life into the concept?

8 Great

My Memory of Us Review

Not all too often do we see games that look as distinct and unique as My Memory of Us, but, does the game bring what really matters?

5.9 Average

Armored Freedom Review

Armored Freedom is described as an intense strategy board game that's set in a world of mech fighting mech. Is it as interesting as it sounds?

1 Terrible

Mega Man 11 Review

It's been a number of years since we last saw a brand new Mega Man adventure. Now Mega Man 11 is here, does it live up to the series' quality?

8 Great

Revenant Dogma Review

Revenant Dogma joins the very slim list of JRPGs on Xbox One. Though, does this stand alongside the better additions to the genre?

3.6 Lousy

Claws of Furry Review

Claws of Furry is another entry in the increasingly crowded rogue-lite genre. Does this stand as tall as the greats, or fall by the wayside?

3.6 Lousy

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Review

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is an auto side-scrolling beat 'em up, one that's packed with chaotic and frantic play. Does it stand out in a busy week?

7.5 Good

Brawlout Review

Despite its huge popularity among casual fans and hardcore tournament goers alike, Smash Bros. has rarely been imitated. Does Brawlout change that?

4.1 Poor

Tyler: Model 005 Review

Tyler: Model 005 is yet another action platformer to hit Xbox One in the midst of a busy week. Does it do enough to shine bright?

2.7 Awful
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