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Flutter Bombs Review

Flutter Bombs offers a new top-down twin-stick shooting experience, but does it manage to stand as tall as its many, many peers?

6.5 Okay

Dangerous Driving Review

Three Fields Entertainment are back with another stab at the arcade racing space. Does Dangerous Driving prove to be their best yet?

6.3 Okay

Where the Bees Make Honey Review

Where the Bees Make Honey serves itself as a puzzle game with a unique narrative and a lot of variation. Does that all blend together to produce a good game?

3 Lousy

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Review

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is finally upon us. Now, is this the power rangers game that we've all been waiting for? Or does it ultimately fall flat?

3.5 Lousy

Metagal Review

Mega Man-like games are hardly new, in fact, we've seen quite a few this gen alone. Does the newly released Metagal sit as high as its inspiration?

5.5 Average

Windscape Review

There can never be too many good open world adventures in my opinion, but does Windscape translate to a good adventure? Or does it flop?

4 Poor

Gang Beasts Review

Gang Beasts is now finally available on the Xbox One, but does its physics-based play suit the competitive multiplayer brawling structure?

4.5 Poor

AngerForce: Reloaded Review

The Xbox One really needs a new shoot 'em up that's entertaining, exciting, and heavily replayable. Does AngerForce: Reloaded deliver the goods?

8 Great

Far: Lone Sails Review

Far: Lone Sails sports a design that's as interesting and as distinct as they come, but, does its gameplay manage to maintain that captivating approach?

7 Good

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