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The Tower of Beatrice Review

Hidden object games are ten a penny these days, but The Tower of Beatrice aims to shake things up a little by mashing up some concepts. Does it work well?

6 Okay

Aggelos Review

Aggelos is finally upon Xbox One, bringing with it a retro fueled experience that's said to be unlike any other. Is this worthy of your time?

8 Great

Furwind Review

Furwind comes to Xbox One following release on other platformers, but, is this one platformer that's worthy of your time?

8 Great

Double Cross Review

Double Cross comes to Xbox One at last, bringing with it a smart combination of platforming and detective-based elements. Does it all work well?

8.5 Great

Another Sight Review

Another Sight has finally made it to Xbox One, bringing with it a puzzle adventure like no other. The question is, is whether or not this hits the right mark?

8 Great

Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior Review

Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior aims to take us back to the bygone era of old-school classic action platforming. Does it achieve that well?

4.5 Poor

Riverbond Review

Riverbond came out of nowhere during E3, and sits comfortably in the Xbox Game Pass program. Is this one adventure game that's worth your time?

6.5 Okay

Supermarket Shriek Review

Supermarket Shriek made a shock release on Xbox One, launching in time for E3 2019 through Xbox Game Pass. Though, is it worth your time and attention?

7 Good

Neverout Review

Neverout leaps over from VR to Xbox One, bringing with it a unique premise at a very generous price. Though, that said, is it worth your time?

5 Average

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