The Amazing American Circus Review

Take over a failed circus and travel across turn-of-the-century America making a name for yourself in this unique circus managing game with a variety-packed card game as its featured attraction.

6.7 Okay

Heliborne Review

Originally released on PC in 2017, does this console port still hold up?

3 Lousy

Effie Review

Can the charm of Effie's presentation translate to its gameplay?

7 Good

This is The Zodiac Speaking Review

Will this fact based thriller be a murderous good time, or have you wishing for the end?

2.9 Awful

Big Pharma Review

Is this medical sim just what the doctor ordered, or will it leave you feeling under the weather?

5 Average

We. The Revolution Review

We. The Revolution arrives on Xbox One, bringing one particularly distinct puzzle game that doesn't hold back on its brutality, is it worth it?

7 Good

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