Humble Games

Unpacking Review

 AJ finds that there is a lot to unpack in this pixel-art puzzle game. Pretty sure everyone has made that joke, but here we are.

8.3 Great

Unsighted Review

An exquisitely designed top-down Metroidvania (yes, that can exist). There is so much content and fan service packed into this game, I was initially worried that it might have bitten off more than it ...

9.7 Excellent

Flynn: Son of Crimson Review

Old school action platformers are hardly unique, but Thunderhorse's effort stands out above the rest!

9.4 Excellent

Carto Review

Can you change the map to find your way or will this game leave you puzzled.

7.1 Good

Supraland Review

Supraland is Super, man!

9.7 Excellent

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