Our Five Highest and Five Lowest Rated Reviews

Here at Xt, we often get some stick for the reviews that we put out. Nine times out of ten, this is due to the low scores that we serve to select games that, in our humble opinion, deserve. We’re a brutally honest outlet and if a game scores low, it’s because we feel it’s necessary. On the flip side, if we score high (and let’s face it, we rarely dish out perfect tens), it’s, again, thoroughly deserved. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our five highest scoring reviews and our five lowest scoring reviews. Here’s what’s hot and what’s not from the gen so far.

Highest Scoring Reviews

Dead Cells – 10/10 (Review)

Dead Cells is easily the best rogue-lite action-platformer game this gen. Developer Motion Twin’s care and attention to not only the game’s visual and audio detail, but its wonderfully developed multi-tiered systems, goes hand in glove to produce an outstanding experience throughout. The sheer amount of enemy, weaponry and functional variety within is as dizzying as it is impressive. Simply put, Dead Cells is epic.

Monster Hunter World – 10/10 (Review)

Monster Hunter: World effortlessly meets its high expectations and delivers what may well be the best RPG of this generation. The world is as fascinating as it is beautiful, jam-packed with wonders and dangers of equal measure. Each and every system within has been carefully crafted and seamlessly feed into one another magnificently well. The game remains in-depth yet surprisingly accessible throughout the entirety of play, welcoming and uniting newcomers and returning fans alike. It’s a truly breathtaking adventure. Simply put, and I don’t say this lightly, Monster Hunter: World is a masterpiece.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – 10/10 (Review)

Warhorse have developed a game that’s not only massively in-depth, but equally as intriguing and captivating. Their care and attention to detail pulls through in each and every sequence within. This level of realism isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those that want the authentic experience, Deliverance delivers, and then some. It’s engaging, it’s deep, and it’s thoroughly entertaining.

Owlboy – 9.5/10 (Review)

Owlboy sets a new standard. It’s a gorgeously crafted adventure that’s jam packed with detail, endearing characters and a memorable heart warming story. Rarely do we see platformers donning such care and attention to detail, further upheld by fluid well rounded gameplay that doesn’t let go once it captivates you. Owlboy is a must have.

ONRUSH – 9.5/10 (Review)

ONRUSH is nothing short of remarkable. Its fast-paced and innovative functionality never buckles under the pressure of its constant action-packed personality. This is unlike any other racer available and manages to effortlessly stand out as a result. Its gameplay systems feed into one another exceptionally well, ultimately producing a robust and distinct experience that comes jam-packed with heaps of replay value.

Lowest Scoring Reviews

Road Rage – 1.8/10 (Review)

With so many great releases during its launch window, we couldn’t stress enough that this game was not worth a moment of your time. The whole thing had a whiff of Steam Early Access about it, which is not what I’d expect from a full game release on the Xbox store, and it’s brown. Like, really brown.

Super Hyperactive Ninja – 1.9/10 (Review)

Super Hyperactive Ninja may have been a decent game if its stodgy controls, poor collision detection and its shower of cheap deaths didn’t dramatically hold the game back. There’s nothing wrong with a game that wants to seriously challenge its players, but when that challenge comes solely from its poor development and baffling design choices, it’s far too hard to overlook, or more importantly, enjoy.

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator – 2/10 (Review)

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator just has too many should’ve, could’ve, would’ves to make the investment on Xbox One. I found myself enjoying the mobile version more and I would recommend that instead. But hey, it’s your $14.99 to spend. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Korgan – 2.6/10 (Review)

Korgan has the look and feel of a mobile title, albeit with marginally better production value. However, the boring slow combat, poor controls, general lack of meaningful progression and terrible loot system, chases away the main joy that’s typically a standard for this genre. Indeed, the prologue is free to play and as such is open to all, but even that feels like too much to ask.

Tyler: Model 005 – 2.7/10 (Review)

Don’t be fooled by the store’s slick images, Tyler Model 005 is a terrible game. There’s not a single quality that I can praise the game for outside of its somewhat competent upgrade and cosmetic system. This is the very product of lazy, rushed and sloppy development, making for an ugly experience that’s riddled with bugs, poor optimization, frustrating functionality, and heaps of loading screens, throughout.

Now it goes without saying that reviews are subjective. Everyone has their own opinion and that’s the wonderful thing about it. I’ve played some games that others have low rated and absolutely loved them, and then on the other hand, I’ve dished out some high scores to certain games that others have detested. Reviews are a matter of opinion, and opinions vary, greatly. With that to the side, how do you feel about our ten scores from above? Would you have scored differently? Hit the comments below to get in on the action.

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