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The story of Mosaic is one mans nightmare which I feel we can all relate to, I’m sure we’ve all had them days where we don’t wanna get up and go to work, or just generally been in a dead end job with no feeling of escape. Well, this is what Mosaic is all about; one mans frugal journey through the hell which is his office job, doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out. What with the added pressure of life on top, how will it end? Well let me tell you; it won’t take too long to find out.

As I sit here at work writing up this review I start to understand the concept that the team behind this game was going for. If you’re in an office job (or any job really) then you’ll likely know the repetitiveness of it, and after a while it can get to you. This is just what’s happening in Mosaic; right from the word go you notice you’re already dressed in your clothes ready for work – you have slept in them, apparently – and you get up brush your teeth to start the day, noticing that you have outstanding bills in quite a pile on the side. I felt that all this just seems to get put on top of you and you just feel the pressure. Every day you need to make your way to work, rocking up late, plus everyone that you work with avoids you, so the feeling of isolation sets in. Mosaic makes you feel alone, and rather stressed.

It is soon apparent that Mosaic is pretty much the same thing everyday, although your trip to work soon starts taking a turn for the unusual. A talking fish with joins you for one thing, and you then start to see more than the usual work life when you stumble along some people playing music around the town. This results in you having an almost out of body experience, and opens your eyes to life which has more in it than just the same old dead end job. I did like the use of colour which really did make you feel like our protagonist was truly happy for these brief moments, but you do soon end up back in reality and in the office. As mentioned above, this game is short, as you will basically get to work about four times, completing a small puzzle each time which involves you creating a path for some small white orbs. The goal is for these orbs to reach to top of the screen where you will see your company logo. This becomes longer each day, but nothing to the point where you find it a struggle. Occasionally a virus will be chucked in; basically a coloured blob which takes over your pathway, and you’ll need to take over the virus to stop it.

When you’re not doing this, the biggest thing in Mosaic – and what all the achievements are connected to – is playing on your phone. You have a game called BlipBlop that is quite basic, and requires you to keep pressing a single button to increase the numbers, which want to keep growing higher and higher. You will be able to spend your score on upgrading the amount of points you get per click and even an auto clicker. Thing is, I spent more time playing BlipBlop that I did completing Mosaic! This was a bit of a shock, because when you think about it, that’s what real life is like in this day and age; we have too much tech around us, and instead of me sending this guy to work I sat him on his sofa and played a mobile game for hours.

The game being short means there’s not really a lot of music involved but the stuff that’s there is great, it really breaks up the dark gloomy feel and adds some life to things. The visuals look great too, with the dull greys and blacks used throughout, before a flood of warm colours come crashing in for the more fantastical scenes, offering up a satisfying change of scenery.


While Mosaic is on the short side, what’s there is done really rather well. It get’s the message across well, not overstaying it’s welcome or labouring on a point. If you’re in the mood for a one and done experience of an evening, Mosaic will fit the bill nicely.

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  • Great use of colour
  • Interesting little story
  • On the short side
  • You play more BlipBlop than Mosaic!
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8
Longevity - 4.5
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